Is popcorn bad for dogs? Movie nights might be fun for your pet but is popcorn too?

dog eat popcorn

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? Dogs can eat popcorn and you both can enjoy the movie with popcorn. But, you may have come across Google, and Yahoo answers that popcorn is bad for dogs.

Popcorn is bad for dogs only when pet parents are lazy. Yes, popcorn is not the diet plan which humans consume in their routine life. The facts of popcorn and the intake cycle goes well for dogs too. As humans dogs also should not be fed with popcorn more often.

Popcorn and dogs are just like fever and human. Dogs can be fed with popcorn only on occasions. A little bit confusing, whether to serve popcorn to your dogs or not, right? I will share all my Sasha’s experience to you folks with popcorn diet!

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Dogs & Popcorn Infographic

Can dogs eat popcorn infographic

Can Dogs Eat popcorn! Is popcorn bad for dogs?

Dogs can share your popcorn without any debates. But, you should serve unflavored, air-popped popcorns to your dog. How can the popcorn be sold with no salt, butter, and air popped? But, it does exist.

Some commercial pet food producers prepare the special popcorns which are safe and approved by FDA for your dogs. Dogs must not eat popcorn with salt, spices, butter and cheese.

Some pet parents share the human popcorn to their dogs. But, it doesn’t share the love for their dogs but choking hazard too. A crew of pet owners, serve human popcorns to their dogs due to laziness. However, pet owners with laziness and no knowledge on their lovable dogs serve human popcorns to their dogs.

Sure, you are not among the crew as you afford time for your dog. Many pet parents are not aware of the fact that how to pick the popcorn for their dogs.

I will instruct you for purchasing dog popcorn to your next best movie time!

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Can Dogs eat air-popped popcorn? It’s the must!

Dogs can eat air-popped popcorn. I would recommend only air-popped popcorn for your lovable dogs. Air-popped popcorns have high nutritional value than flavored popcorns.

Dogs do love air-popped popcorns as their crispy and easy to digest. Some pet parents separate the unflavored popcorns for their dogs during their movie time, which is better option to serve popcorns for dog’s diet.

Now, what else can you add to your dog’s popcorn treat? Here are the instructions!

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Can Dogs Eat Salted or unsalted popcorn? Which is a better option?

Dogs can eat unsalted popcorn, which is safe for their health. Salted popcorn may contain high levels of sodium which may cause food poisoning on dogs. The sodium ions in popcorn may abruptly raise the blood pressure levels in dogs.

Pet parents may not get panic if their dogs eat one or two salted popcorns. Some popcorns may shed while eating and your doggy may be fond of eating those popcorn balls. You need not be tensed while your doggy eats one or two, but be careful that your doggy should not consume more than two or three popcorns.

Much more sufficient amounts of salted popcorn can make your doggy unconscious, lethargy, and upset stomach. So check out to remove the bags of popcorn from your dogs reach.

Please don’t cry to your vet that my dog ate a whole bag of popcorns, just because of your laziness and lethargy. In these cases, some pet parents think that they can add unpopped corns to dogs, which is a far easier job.

Many pet parents are fond of serving unpopped popcorn kernels. I would answer your query if you are one among them!

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Can dogs eat unpopped popcorn kernels or seeds? Block the kernel!

Unpopped popcorn kernels? Never! Unpopped popcorn kernels are hard to digest for dogs as they have underdeveloped digestive systems in generic. Popcorn kernels, seeds are dehydrated corns, and hence they do not have enough water to digest the foods.

Unpopped popcorn kernels and seeds are not to be served for your doggies. Even in traces of seeds, kernels can block the gastrointestinal tract or upset the stomach of your doggy. Some commercially available popcorn’s like popcorn are awesome while treating for your doggies. Popcorn is specially made for dogs, and they are unflavored corns for our lovable dogs.

How much popcorn can your dog eat?

Popcorn is a treat. Hence the limits must be restricted to your doggy. Even though popcorn is rich in dietary fiber, too much of popcorn to your dog can result in producing loose stools, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach upset.

The popcorn seeds may block GI tract or bulge pancreas of dogs. Bulging of pancreas results in pancreatitis to your dog. You may serve unflavored popcorn’s to your dog during training sessions. The doggies must eat only 5-10 popcorn balls and not more than that. Popcorn is not a replacement diet for dogs. It’s just a treat, snack for dogs best behavior. Treat, or snack must not be served in routine diet plan of dogs.

Once in a month, you can offer some unflavored, air-popped popcorns to your dog. Some pet parents don’t want their dog to eat stuff without taste. They would still try to add some spices to their dog’s popcorn. You pet parents can add some healthy add-ons to your dog’s popcorn. Here are my practices!

What else can you add to make your dogs popcorn great?

Some pet parents would add butter, cheese caramel, chocolate and much more to get tasty flavors in their popcorn. But, these are human popcorns and should not be fed to your dogs. Dogs should not eat popcorns with butter, cheese, choco, caramel as they can cause a choking hazard to your dog’s health.

You must avoid spices like,

  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Salt
  • Vanilla
  • Vegans
  • Peanut butter

Dark Chocolate

Many varieties of popcorn are available on the market, and you can make them from home for your dogs. I would often prepare homemade popcorn for my Sasha, rather than purchase commercial or readymade popcorns. Some commercial popcorns may be salted, added with butter, cheese, caramel. Hence I would make some popcorn with special flavors. Here is the list which I use to make popcorn for my doggy!

  • Apple pie
  • Masala popcorn with peppermints
  • Pumpkin popcorn
  • Popcorn chicken

You pet parents can also try making some homemade popcorns without any spices, butter, cheese, chocolate flavors for your doggy. Caramel, chocolate, salt may cause serious health issues on your doggy. Hence try to avoid these toxic dog foods from your dog’s diet.

You may think that however, we are going to serve only traces of popcorn! But, traces of toxicity can kill your cute dog. So, prepare homemade popcorns and then feed your dog.

If you are a bad cook, in the case of popcorns, then go for cucumber, celery, cheese treats for your dog’s training sessions and movie time. Treats must be served in traces, right? You may better know the fact and amounts at which treats are to be served for dogs!

You can also prepare healthy popcorn meal for your dogs! Here is my Sasha’s  favorite popcorn recipe!

Popcorn Recipe for Dogs

Dogs love popcorn in distinct varieties. You can serve popcorn to your dogs by adding distinct flavors. I would often make popcorn chicken recipe for my Sasha!

You can also try this popcorn chicken recipe for your doggy! Sure, your doggy too would love this popcorn chicken!

Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn chicken is the delicious diet for your doggy which can be served on special occasions. Try this special recipe for your doggy for their birthday, Christmas occasions!

Get ready with these ingredients to make popcorn chicken!

  • 1/2 lbs of boneless chicken/meat/salmon fish
  • Corn crumbs
  • One whole egg
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Pinch of salt
  • Traces of turmeric
  • Powdered peppermint

Now, start making the popcorn chicken for your doggy!

  • Mix the boneless meat with peppermint powder, corn crumbs, turmeric, salt and then allow them to rest for 15-30 minutes.
  • Add the egg and mix the ingredients in the bowl.
  • Spread the bread crumbs over the ingredients and mix them with the bread crumbs till the chick gets sticky.
  • Sometimes, you may mix the bread crumbs for every boneless chicken separately.
  • Add a pinch of oil and deep fry the mixed chicken pieces. Make sure that chick turns golden as you fry them.
  • Drain the oil from the chick and serve the popcorn chicken with fish or apple sauce to your doggy!

A simple yet healthy snack for your cute, lovable doggy! Try making this popcorn chicken monthly once for your doggy! They would love popcorn chicken, and it serves as a healthy snack to improve your dog’s health. Do you know how much of benefits your doggy yields on eating popcorn chicken?

Here are the popcorn chicken health benefits!

  • 399 calories,
  • 27g of fat
  • 23g of carbohydrates
  • 8g of sodium
  • 597mg of sodium
  • 7g of dietary fiber
  • 16g of Protein
  • 89mg of Cholesterol

Doggies with pancreatitis issues may avoid popcorn chicken as it is high in fat and calories. Puppies can eat popcorn chicken as they need traces of calories and fat for their growth. So pet parents with diabetic, cardiac, pancreatitis, arthritic doggies may fetch the advice of vets to serve popcorn chicken to their dogs.

Now after this much of efforts to serve popcorn for your doggie, what benefits their health?. Here are the health benefits of air-popped, unflavored popcorn diet to your doggie!

Health Benefits of Popcorn to doggies

Popcorns are a snack, treat time diets, but still they provide healthy nutrition to your dogs. The popcorn snack can make your doggy healthy and fit with dietary fiber, calories.

Here are the nutritional benefits of popcorn diet to your doggies. The nutritional benefits are taken from Wikipedia and are estimated per 100grams, which does not mean that you should serve 100gms of popcorn to your dog. Serve only 5-10gms of popcorn to your dog’s snack time, but not daily!

Popcorn is a millet which pops up on heating. Hence you can daringly serve popcorn balls to your doggy without any flavors to make your doggy healthy with these nutrition’s !

  • 78g of Carbohydrate
  • 15g of dietary fiber
  • 4g of fat
  • 12g of Protein
  • 17% of Thiamine
  • 25% of Riboflavin
  • 21% of Iron

Start making your homemade popcorn recipes for your doggy and share the dining with them. Make your doggy healthy and fit with dietary fibers. Pet parents trying to plan a diet for their obese dogs may try popcorn diet. Be in limits! Maybe once in a week on training or evening snack sessions!

Wouldn’t be nice if you offer some of your unflavored, air-popped popcorns to your doggy? Sure, it would be a great time of sharing your love for doggy!

But, if your doggy eats too much of salted or cheese, butter popcorns, what can you do? You would call your vet and tell that “my dog ate too much of salted, butter or cheese popcorn, is there any medications vet?”. Sure, I would tell you a simple medication to remove the excess of salted, flavored popcorn which your doggy ate!

Emergency treatment if your dog eats too much of salted popcorn

If your dog eats too much of salted or flavored popcorn, try inducing vomit to them. You need not insert some tubes on the nozzles of doggy and make them vomit.

Just take 3% of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with water. Take 1 ml of hydrogen peroxide for every 10lbs weight of your dog and serve your furry buddy. You can also mix a tablespoon of activated charcoal mixed with water.

Let the medications settle on your doggy. After 10-15 minutes your doggy vomits everything, and hazardous popcorn which is not digested comes out of doggy. Some dogs may have eaten a whole bag of popcorn, in this case, you may again serve medications once. Sure, your doggy would respond.

Your lovable furry buddy is out of danger!

Moral of dogs and popcorns

Dogs can eat popcorns without salt, cheese, butter, caramel or any other flavors. Unflavored, air-popped popcorns are best for a dog’s health, and you can serve 5-10 to your doggy on snack or training sessions. Doggies with pancreatitis, diabetes, arthritis, cardiac issues must still take the popcorn in traces to avoid health issues. You can also try the popcorn chicken recipe for your dog’s special meal plan once in a month!

Stay fit and healthy with your cute furry buddies! Share the story of popcorn and dogs to your pet neighbors to save the dog from too much of popcorn!

People also ask for

Can dogs eating popcorn every day be bad?

Dogs can eat popcorn, but every day is not permissible. Too much of dietary fiber, fat, protein content on your dog’s diet plan can upset his stomach.

Traces of unsalted, air-popped popcorns once in a week can benefit your dog’s health to the most. Try popcorns as a reward for training sessions or behavior of your dog. But, this moral fails if your doggy is very smart!

Can dogs eat popcorn shrimp recipes?

Dogs can eat popcorn shrimp recipes. One of my doggies favorite popcorn shrimp recipe is popcorn chicken. Many dogs love the popcorn shrimps, but take care of choosing the popcorns without flavors for your doggies.

You can make popcorn shrimp recipes for your doggies with some meat which can change into a diet plan. Serve only on occasions!

Can dogs eat popcorn kernels or seeds?

A great no! You must avoid trying corn in dehydrated forms to your doggy. The dehydrated foods do provide nutrition’s, but the water required for digestion fails.

Doggies in nature have an underdeveloped digestive system, and hence please avoid popcorn kernels or seeds from your wish list. You can serve unflavored, air-popped popcorns to your dogs.

Can dogs eat microwave popcorn?

Not at all! Try making homemade popcorns on pressure cookers. The radiations and heat emerging from microwave oven can harm the doggies health. I would even recommend you to avoid microwave foods as they lose their original food standards and nutrition.

So, never try feeding microwave popcorn to your dog.

Can dogs die if they eat popcorn?

No! Your doggy will not die on eating popcorn. You can happily live with them forever. If your doggy eats traces of salted or flavored popcorn, sure it’s not a big deal. But, a whole bag matters and you must do the emergency treatments to remove food poisoning on your dog.

Once if you induce vomiting to your dog, there is no problem. Your furry buddy is safe and you both can enjoy the rest of life!

Can dogs eat popcorn safely?

Your dog can eat popcorn safely in prescribed limits. Only too much of popcorn can cause a choking hazard or stomach upsets to your doggy.

As long as you serve popcorns as treats, your doggy lives healthy and safe with you folks!

Can dogs eat oil free plain popcorn?

Sure, that is the one recommended for dogs. Your doggies can intake oil free plain popcorns. They do not require any salt, spice, butter or cheese for popcorns. Dogs need just unflavored, plain, air-popped popcorns for their movie time!

If you have any queries on dogs and popcorns, please comment below! I will pop out the answers folks!


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