Can Dogs Eat French Fries? Will French fries fry your dog?

dogs eat french fries

“It’s weekend! Saturday night! Party with my colleagues in my home!” I have arranged everything for our party. Coke, Cutlet, Salad, French fries!

You will agree with me when I say dogs eat everything we eat!

I know fruit salad is good for my Sasha. But, what about French Fries?

Can Dogs Eat French Fries? Is it safe for dogs to eat French fries? I know it spoils my fitness, but is it same for my Sasha?

Oh! Sasha! Sorry for my defensive behavior regarding your French fries!

I sware that dogs healthy life is more concerned than tastier lifestyle!

Yes, you are right dude!

Now let’s know all about the dogs and French fry diet!

Can Dogs Eat French Fries? Not, strictly no! But, avoid!

French Fries deserves that much fatty “No” for dogs.

Dogs can eat French fries, but it is not good for their health. As you know, dogs will eat everything they sniff at, but it is not a good option to serve French fries to your dog.

Fried sweet potatoes with beautiful slices may be tastier to our taste buds, but both sweet potatoes and French fries taste similar to dogs.

If you wish to serve some French fries to your dog, it is better to go with the safer and healthier option of sweet potatoes.

Dogs don’t thrive for tastiness from food. Dogs look out for odor and texture by which they decide its tastiness.

Hence it is better to serve fresh, steamed sweet potatoes.

Now the question arises:

Whether to add texture to French fries can we add ketchup to our dog’s food? Here is your pin answer!

Can Dogs Eat French Fries with ketchup? I don’t need to say again the same!

But, it is my responsibility to make your dog babe healthy.

Hence a big no for ketchup with French Fries.

Ketchup itself is a seasoned product which contains preservatives, flavors, colors to retain its shelf life. To retain the shelf life of the products every manufacturer adds too much of chemicals and which may result in dispute of your dog’s gut health.

If you can prepare some homemade tomato ketchup, then it’s fine to serve with your dog’s treat. But, be sure to add natural sweeteners like honey rather than sugars or some commercial sweeteners.

Ohhh! You are too much concerned about the treat for your dog’s taste buds on the Thanksgiving day eve!

Here is your plan of French Fries!

Can Dogs Eat Homemade French Fries? Yes, but with some etiquettes!

If you are too excited to prepare a menu for your dog on the Thanksgiving day, you can include French fries at minimal quantity.

French fries can be a better option for your dog’s Thanksgiving day treat if you prepare it in your home with less salt and oil.

French fries from Mc Donald’s and other places may contain salt, oil while preparing in home you can lower the amount of salt and oil specially for your dog babe.

Instead of serving commercial French fries, you can serve homemade French fries on Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving day comes once in a year, so don’t overfeed your dog with French fries, ketchup.

Just give it as a 5% of your dog’s quality food. It is enough for your dog to taste the French fries.

Why do you want to prepare French fries in your home for dogs especially? Is there that much health benefits in French fries?

What happens when dogs eat French fries? Just dig it!

__________ ! Yes, it’s a white space!

There are no health benefits of eating French fries to your dog. It is just a treat which can be chewed then and there, that too not often.

You can take the risks of preparing French fries and ketchup at your home just for the taste. But your dog must not emphasize on French fries for their meal plan.

French fries can make your dog fatty due to the oil; trans fat is present in it. Also, the commercial restaurants add preservatives, salt, seasoning materials to make them spicy, which is not required for your dog.

Too much of salt in your dog’s diet may lead to sodium poisoning.

Here comes the killing facts of French fries:

  • Obesitydue to trans fat
  • Salty nature can increase the blood pressure
  • Oil & fat leads to cardiovascular diseases
  • Fat can lead to stomach upset
  • Choking of gastrointestinal tract
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea

Do you want to face these risks just by serving this tiny, sliced, fried sweet potatoes to your dog babe?

I heard you! You don’t want!

But, still, some need to share some with their dog babe. For you people, here is the negotiation!

How often can you toss some French fries for your dog?

Strictly, very rare! Occasionally!

Just as Thanksgiving treat not even as a training treat.

French fries are an unhealthy treat when it comes to your dog babe as well as you. So, if you are a French fries lover, then please avoid it. You will just feel the taste not the healthy lifestyle for the rest of years.

If you wish to taste some, you can, but then and there. So, as you eat occasionally, you can toss some to your dog.

If you practice French fries as Thanksgiving treat, it is well and good. But, try to serve steamed sweet potatoes to your dog rather than preparing French fries.

You can bag huge health benefits for your dog’s healthy lifestyle!

While you’re preparing for your Thanksgiving day, if your dog eats too much of French fries, then what should be done?

Here is the first aid:

If your dog eats too much of French fries, then do this!

Nothing to worry if it’s just a bowl of French fries. Your dog can somehow digest those fats. But, the problem is when he/she eats too much than this.

You may consult your vet immediately for being on safer side!

Fry the French fries from your dog’s meal plan!

You have learned that French fries are not the mandatory treat for your dog.

You can toss some homemade French fries on Thanksgiving day. But, maintain your love and quantity of French fries to your dog in minimal while serving French fries.

Don’t blush your love for a dog in case of French fries.

Taste the life healthier with your dog babe!


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