Can Dogs Eat Brown Rice? Penny secrets released from Vets!

Dogs Eat Brown Rice

Can dogs eat brown rice? Is this your greatest query or search in Google? Then obviously, I must share you about the penny secrets revealed about brown rice and dogs health from my vet.

Obviously, you would have been advised by vets to feed white rice while the dog has upset stomach or diarrhea.

But, your insight may go for whether Brown rice can be replaced in place of White rice? Now without boring you too much, let me share you the pros and cons of brown rice feed to doggies!

Can dogs eat Brown Rice? Of course, Yes babes!

Doggies and brown rice are similar to human and rice. Doggies can eat brown rice. Even the dogs with diabetes, arthritic pain, pancreatitis, allergic issues can intake brown rice. So now worries on feeding brown rice to your doggies!

You may feed the brown rice to your doggies every day, but not as the entire meal. Remember that dogs are carnivores. You must not overfeed the doggie with brown rice. The over dosage of brown rice may lead to diabetes, blindness, and much more diseases. Only, if you fed the brown rice in right proportions, you may reap the fruits of brown husk.

You may have the doubts that why brown rice if preferred than white rice? Dig down for answers!

Why brown rice instead of white?

White rice needs many processing and polishing after the harvesting. Once if the grains are removed from plants, they need further furnishing. Grain husks are removed and then they are polished with some chemical elements. The processing of grain husks leads to loss of nutrients and fiber content in the rice.

White rice is sometimes addressed as “Bland” or “Dead” food. Hence some vets assist you to feed white rice while the doggies suffer stomach upset. While the brown rice, has more nutrients, fiber and minerals which are required for doggies health. But, only at limits!

Don’t cross your limits on Doggies diet, as well as roads! Both the tasks may lead to serious consequences!

How to prepare brown rice for Doggies diet?

Brown rice is to bring healthiness and treat to your furry friends. So, please avoid cooking brown rice in microwave ovens. The rays emitted from the ovens can make the nutrients, minerals and other healthy components dead. Just think of your health as well as doggies! If possible, avoid oven cooking for your routine life too babes!

With 1:2 ratio, you must take the brown rice and water. Add water in a cookware and let it boil. After the water boils and leaves bubbles, add rice in the right proportion. Cover with the head and let it boil for at least 30 minutes. Once if you touch the rice, it must not stick to your hand. Extract, if excess water persists. Cool down to eatable temperature and feed the doggie!

If you are a chief cook of doggies, then you can add some cooked meats, chicken to brown rice. But, if you are already feeding a brown rice kibble or some packed brown rice diets, don’t add some more meat or chicken. The over dosage of calories may disrupt the canines GI tract. Let me tell about the limits of brown rice to your doggies suggested by vets!

Brown rice and its forms

Brown rice is available in the market with distinct recipes. Brown rice cakes, syrup, pasta, kibbles are available. But, I would recommend only the raw brown rice to be purchased. All dogs don’t have same diet and nutritional plans. The diet plans and calories to be fed for doggies may vary according to their age, BMI, and much more factors. So try to buy the brown rice and cook it yourself. You can also add quinoa with brown rice for feeding your doggie, a healthier meal plan.

Avoid feeding brown rice flour, as you have already known about flour harms to doggies. Obviously, you would have chosen the packed foods for doggies without grains and flours. The same rule applies with brown rice too!

Don’t cross this limit!

Everything is good for health only fed in limits. Brown rice is not an outstanding component in this rule. Feed only 30% of brown rice by calculating total diet calories of your doggie. If your vet has prescribed total calories as 100grams, then you must feed only 30 grams of brown rice.

The rest may be quinoa, meat, chicken, green beans, avocado, cantaloupe, bananas, carrots or some other healthy diet plans. Do you know how this 30% of brown rice impacts your doggie’s health!

Impacts of Brown rice on doggies health

Brown rice is the healthiest full grain which can be fed to your doggie every day. You can also feed the brown rice treats to doggies during the basic obedience training sessions. But, do you know how it benefits your doggie health? Take a look below!

carbohydrate 23%
dietary fiber 18%
Potassium 0.043%
Vitamin B65%
Magnesium 10%
No Cholestrol 0%

At the same time, if fed in excess, the brown rice can cause diarrhea, blindness, diabetes and much more chaos. Be at your limits while feeding the brown rice to your doggies and enjoy the furry companionship. Make a testimony by feeding the 15% of brown rice and then wait for 48 hours.

Check out for the poops of doggies! You will know whether brown rice is good for your doggie’s health. If you notice strong and regular poops, you can daringly feed 30% of brown rice to your doggies! If not consult with the vet!

Bang with can dogs eat brown rice!

Sure, I had answered all your queries on “Can dogs eat brown rice?”. Still, if you had any other queries and chaos on feeding brown rice to your doggies, please let me know. I am here to bang your queries on brown rice and dogs. Share your experience on brown rice feed of your doggies on the comments page below!


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