Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt? Why Dogs LUV it?

dogs eat greek yogurt

“Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt?” May I share some of the yogurts to lick during the meal time? I don’t think my Sasha is lactose intolerant! But, let me seek Google or Yahoo for answers!

Greek Yogurt has reduced lactose and has many health benefits. Also, the Greek Yogurt has a probiotic effect which helps our canine to be free of health or digestive issues. Now let us dive into the story of Greek Yogurt and dogs!

Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt? Yes, Conditions Applied!

Yes, dogs can eat lactose diet of Greek Yogurt if your doggy is lactose tolerant. Some dogs may deny and show negative reactions for all of the milk products like cheese, butter, yogurt. If this is your dog’s nature, then please don’t wish to serve Greek Yogurt to your doggy. I don’t want to be the victim who killed your dog by adding some toxic substance on his diet!

Some dogs readily accept lactose products, and they love to eat or lick them at least a pinch. My Sasha is one among them, and hence I had a query of “Can my dog eat Greek Yogurt?” She has already licked some from the dining, but I know that anything at moderate limits will not affect dogs health.

Does it affect her digestive tract? Do I need some remedies or first aid to recover the dog from Greek Yogurt? This is what I was afraid of! Now, no worry that my dog ate Greek Yogurt!

If so, can lactose tolerant dogs can eat regular yogurt?

Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt or regular yogurt?

Greek Yogurt has a probiotic effect, and hence it helps in improving the gut health. The Lactobacillus bacteria can help improve digestion and gut health. Hence it’s advised to serve Greek Yogurt rather than going for regular yogurt to canine buddies.

Regular Yogurt may have an excessive amount of lactose and fat content. While compared to regular yogurt, Greek Yogurt is probiotic in nature and low in fat as well as lactose sugar. Hence Greek Yogurt sets perfect at our canine buddies stomach.

Pick Greek Yogurt from the local store and make sure it must be probiotic. Offer your canine buddy some to lick on their meal if he is lactose tolerant.

Can I give Greek Yogurt to my dog in regular diet? This is your next query!

How often should you serve Greek Yogurt to your dog?

Greek Yogurts are a great treat for canine buddies. Too much of treat always upset your dog’s stomach. Hence treat must be treated as treats! You must keep Greek Yogurt as a snack or treat which is served once in a month. Greek Yogurt must be a very special treat for your dog and maybe Thanksgiving a treat. Spread some probiotic Greek Yogurt on dog’s diet very occasionally.

If your dog consumes antibiotics, then serve him with some Greek Yogurt. It can help improve gut health which is required while in taking antibiotics and medicines.  Serve Greek Yogurt only once in a month or twice.

Not more than this! Too much of Greek Yogurt may make your cute dog pounce up. Stay fit and healthy goes for your pet as well! Can you add some spices to your dog’s Greek Yogurt? Will it harm your canine? Look deeper for answers!

Can Dogs Eat flavored Greek Yogurt?

Dogs must not eat flavored yogurt. As flavored yogurt may contain some spices, nuts, vanilla or chocolate creams, which is a toxic substance for our canine buddies.

Vanilla or chocolate is loved by humans, but it’s not loved by human loving pets. Hence keep away all the flavors, preservatives out of reach from your canine buddy!

Which Greek Yogurt is perfect for dogs?

Greek Yogurt which is probiotic and plain is perfect for our canine friends. The Lactobacillus bacteria present in Greek Yogurt can help improving digestion and gut health.

Choose the high quality probiotic Greek Yogurt for your dog and then serve them as a treat within limits! Do you know your doggy will have better immunity with Greek Yogurt? Here are much more health benefits of Greek Yogurt!

What are the health benefits of serving Greek Yogurt to your dog?

Dogs develop higher gut strength and digestion due to the bacteria present in the Greek Yogurt. Lactobacillus is the living bacteria, and hence it helps to improve your dog’s metabolism. The probiotic effect in Greek Yogurt helps your canine stay stronger on any of the diseases.

It increases the immune system of the four-legged canine buddies. I am not sure that it will work for every dog. Some dogs are lactose intolerant, and you need not incorporate your dog with Greek Yogurt for the immune system. You can try offering some avocado flesh.

Yes, only avocado flesh not other parts. This can improve your dog’s immune system too! Many more alter treats are available to build immunity on your dog, hence go with that if your dog is lactose intolerant!

Some of the non-diary products are available on the market which is suitable only for our canine buddies with reduced lactose. Have a look at them. But, please consult your vet for a regular diagnosis, whether your furry buddy is lactose tolerant!

A Pack for Greek Yogurt

Your dogs can eat  Greek Yogurt if they are lactose tolerant. Even if they are lactose tolerant, you must provide only Greek Yogurt as a special or occasional treat at moderation limits. Don’t overfeed your dog with Greek Yogurt; this may cause stomach ache, upset, diarrhea or vomiting.

Hence your dog can eat Greek Yogurt safely, provided if he is lactose tolerant and you must serve Probiotic Greek Yogurt in limits. Stick on to the rules while serving treats to your doggy, this can serve you from troubles as well as your canine buddy!

If you have any recipes on Greek Yogurt which every dog loves, please give us on comments box. Let all the dogs taste the recipe! Share the info with all your pet neighbors and care for other canine buddies!


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