Can Dogs Eat Bananas? Are Bananas Good or Bad for Dogs?

dog eat banana

Hey, don’t be rigid! Sasha, it’s for my fitness diet! Please leave the banana from dragging it! I am on my fitness program, so I was eating the bananas, but my Sasha asks me.

I think my Sasha needs some 3600 of bananas to taste it. But I am not at all sure to give her! I had a query, “are bananas good for dogs?”, let me make a testimony with half a banana with perfect slice up.

Yahoo! Sasha eats this deliciously! It seems perfect for the snack time! But this means that I have to give her only limited slices of bananas for optimistic results.

So I must take great care about how much banana should be given. Let’s reveal this moderation limits of banana and justify them!

Dogs & Bananas Infographic

can dogs eat banana infographic

Are bananas good for dogs? Ultimately high!

Yes, of course, bananas are ultimately good for dogs. If at all bananas are good for dogs, “Why it is good?, What are the benefits?.” Here’re answers.

They can cure the stomach upsets and GI tract blocks when consumed in prescribed limits. But, if fed in excess it can block the GI tract too!

I swear that even the bananas are like pills to dogs if fed in moderation it works really well! Moreover, the bananas are the cheapest fruit with essential nutrients and vitamins.

This fruit is similar to the fruits like avocadoscantaloupesgreen beans and oranges,which pays best results only when fed in limits.

Let’s know more about the bananas benefits, before feeding our canine companions!

Penny bananas huge benefits!

Bananas are the only penny, also for your dog only if it’s served in penny it’s optimistic. So show your penny habits in serving bananas for your doggie.

Do you know your dog steals all these benefits from your penny?

89 cal’s

358mg of potassium

2.6g of dietary fiber

12g of sugar

20% of  vitamin B6

14% of vitamin C

23g of carbohydrate

But there are pros and cons in this theft! It has a high content of sugar and potassium, so it may increase the blood sugar level, cardiac issues.

So the moderation pays you the best results in doggies health and fitness. Also, if your companion is diabetic, please reject this fruit.

So for your dogs, bananas are too bad. But if your doggie is suffering from diarrhea, kidney, liver, pancreatitis, cancer then it’s not at all dangerous for your dog even if its boxer dog!

Adverse effects in serving:

I have one more duty to make the justice for the moderation limits, I will tell you the adverse effects in the doggies health for your excess love in slicing up 360 degree of bananas.

Excess of potassium leads to cardiac and breathing problems

High sugar content can increase the blood sugar level drastically

Excess of dietary fibre can produce loose stools

Excess of calories can block the GI tract

You can avoid these issues just by making the banana slices with pumpkin combo pack of this treat! This is a supplementary snack for the training session of your doggie to make him as a superhero!

  • Warning: Only as a snack not as routine!

Practice the banana slices only as a reward for good behavior or treat in the training session. In these circumstances, avoid the banana chips which are bad for dogs, as they may contain added preservatives.

It may be spicy and tasty snack for our tongue, but not the companions. Also, the dogs with arthritic and joint pains can be supplemented by banana as it contains diet fibre.

Even for small dogs, you can make the inch of banana mash up mixed in the meal, but not more than that.

But the medium and huge doggies can eat up to half of the banana slices. Not at all with a whole banana, even if its adult!

You can also mash up the bananas with yogurt, peanuts, carrots and apples to your puppies loving the banana slice ups to make the bowl delight!

You may serve both green as well as yellow bananas in a raw or baked manner to doggies. Google for the fresh bananas in the supermarket, avoid the dried bananas for doggies as they need delicious meal.

Start the grooming with banana!

Sure, you are now aware of the answers to the query are bananas good for dogs! If you want more assistance to serve the doggie with prescribed limits of banana and enjoy the healthy coat and skin, rectal me!

Yes, of course, your doggie will earn healthy skin and coat if it is served with banana slices twice in a week in limits. Enjoy the confident walk that your dog is adorable with banana treats!


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