Can dogs eat cantaloupe? Is it safe or not? Answer revealed.

dog eat cantaloupe

Prior to getting into the topic, I salute! As you are a great person taking care of the pet. You spend the valuable time to take care of pets as of your child and so surfing the internet for feeding the pets with nutritious food.

The present suspect in your mind is “Whether my dog eat cantaloupe?”, Obviously, yes! Not only cantaloupes but here I suggest a list of fruits which makes your dog healthy and fit.

As humans, dog’s desire to eat juicy fruits for their thirst instead of water. As well keep in mind that dogs have more taste buds than humans, so feed it with tasty foods. Hereby I will fix your doubts on feeding cantaloupes to dogs!

Dogs & Cantaloupe Infographics

can dogs eat cantaloupe - infographics

How to feed cantaloupes to dogs:

Cantaloupes can be fed as a snack to your dog which is a healthy, tasty and nutritious snack. Just make slices of cantaloupes, feed your dog with them in snack times. Remove the seeds from slices before feeding it to the dog.

If you wish then cut into small pieces and give as a treat to the dog. Don’t hesitate to feed your dog with cantaloupes it just loves to eat them.

Gains to dogs by eating cantaloupes:

The foremost fact of cantaloupes is they are healthy and nutritious to all kinds of animals including human beings.

Dog will be healthy and you can notice the healthy signs if it is fed by the cantaloupes in the snack time.

Specifically, in cantaloupes, there are many gains which can wonder you. I give you the snaps of gains by feeding cantaloupe slices to dogs.

  • Cantaloupes possess vitamins A, B, and C and would boost your dog’s health
  • Cantaloupes contain beta carotene which cleaves into vitamin A and makes your dog’s focus lights healthy
  • Vitamin C can enhance the immune system of the doggy
  • If the dog eats 100 grams of cantaloupe it gains 34 calories of energy
  • These fruit slices are rich in folic acid, thiamine, potassium, magnesium, niacin elements
  • Potassium is available in 7% of the total fruit and can maintain your dog’s heart and gastrointestinal tract

I think your suspicion of “Can I feed my dog with cantaloupe?” has vanished. But you may have an another query that in which limit I can feed the cantaloupe to my dog? I will give you prescriptions

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Prescribed limits:

Even the medicines turn poisonous when consumed in over dosage, this fact suits to cantaloupes also. An inch of cantaloupe wedge is sufficient for feeding the dog and its the prescribed limit.

After that, the dog feels upset stomach and so please take care of the prescribed limits. Over dosage of cantaloupes cause diarrhea to the dog’s but in prescribed limits its the healthy, tasty and nutritious food.


You must test the dog with cantaloupe slices (one or two) and then make it as a routine snack. Then notice the dog’s health carefully whether it has any allergies, vomiting, diarrhea for the next 48 hours.

As some dog’s have weak digestion you must first test with some pieces of cantaloupes.

If the dog does not suffer any vomiting, diarrhea, allergy or some negative reactions within next two days of testimony then your dog can taste the cantaloupe slices as a routine snack.

If the dog shows negative reactions, then I apologize that your dog can’t eat cantaloupes.

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Now you had found whether the dog can eat cantaloupes as a routine snack or not. You have to be attentive on some facts while feeding cantaloupes to the dog.

  • Please vanish the seeds before feeding the dog
  • Remove the peel and then feed cantaloupe slices to the dog
  • As the cantaloupe skin possesses bacteria it can harm your dog, please remove it before feeding
  • Cantaloupe has high sugar content and can increase the blood sugar of dog, so feed in prescribed limits
  • Cantaloupe seeds contain sufficient levels of cyanide which can harm the doggy
  • Higher feedings of cantaloupe can cause obesity to dogs at full pace
  • Please make the cantaloupe slices as mash without any seeds and peel
  • As well avocado peels are harmful to dogs, avoid peels of cantaloupesPlease avoid it often, it may be offered once in a day if the fruit does not show any ill effects on the dog

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Don’t practice as reward:

You must not practice cantaloupe as treat or reward as it is affordable. The over dosage makes dog obese and diseases listed above.

When you practice cantaloupes as rewards for training it should be often fed to the dog, then it may cause serious consequences to your dog. Now you had been a boss in feeding cantaloupe slices to your dog!

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Rapid notes:

  • Test your dog with one or two slices of cantaloupes
  • If the dog does not show any negative reactions, then you may proceed the feedings of cantaloupe slices
  • Only an inch of cantaloupe slice is permissible for dog per day, avoid over dosage
  • Remove the avocado skin and seeds in the cantaloupe slices
  • If you can then feed the dog with a mash of cantaloupe orange flesh after removing the peels and seeds
  • Avoid cantaloupe slices as a reward while training the dog

Now I am sure that you had detailed notes on “Can I feed the dog with cantaloupe?”

Some more fruits and their limits:

Here’s a list of fruits which can be fed to the dog. The list of fruits and their permissible limits are given below:

  • Apples            : Without seeds and only half sliced is permissible
  • Bananas           : An inch of banana is sufficient
  • Blackberries      : 2 or 3 berries per day
  • Kiwis                : Half slice of the fruit is limited
  • Pears                : 1 or 2 cubes of pear is enough
  • Pumpkin           : 1 to 3 tablespoons of pureed pumpkin can be fed
  • Raspberries      : 2-3 berries in a day
  • Strawberries    : A half of berry is enough for the dogs
  • Watermelon     : 1-3 slices of watermelon wedge within an inch
  • Orange            : Half of slice without rind and seeds can be fed

I also beg you to make testimony before feeding any fruit to the dog, as I am aware that you would scold me if your dog shows negative effects on eating these fruits. Make sure to feed the dog with prescribed limits of fruits and after noticing the effects after 48 hours continue it as a snack.

Also, I assure that you should not only feed the dog with a full meal of fruits, then your dog will scold both of us The fruits can only be fed as a routine snack to dog and I have given you a variety of snacks and that’s it. You may feed these fruits in prescribed limits which can provide the dog with a variety of snacks in its life.

Hereby the chaos on your dog’s feed regarding fruits will be cleared…Feed your dog with a variety of fruit snacks and enhance the healthiness of the pet.

Warning! Test before every new fruit feeds to the dog and glance for the effects of the doggy for the upcoming 48 hours!


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