Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream? Why Whipped Cream Bad for Dogs?

dog eat whipped cream

Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream? Is this the million-dollar query running on your mind when you are at the Starbucks pit stop? If you are a coffee or whipped cream lover, the Starbucks would be your favorite store.

When you jog with your pup, is it fine to eat alone? Can puppies eat whipped cream? Is it safe for your dog? Reveal these answers now!

However, coming to the straight and short answer, it’s not going to harm! Let’s get deeper into the query!

Dogs & Whipped Cream Infographics

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Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream? Yes, but just for taste!

A small amount of whipped cream will not make your dog obese or fatty. But, larger amounts or including it in your dog’s everyday diet plan is a “?”.

Too much of anything is not good for dogs. In the same way, you must stick with the limits while serving whipped cream to your dog.

Whipped cream is safe for dogs provided it has low sugars and low fat content.

High sugar can abruptly increase the dog’s blood sugar level and can end up with serious health issues like diabetes.

The increase in fat content will pounce up your dog which may lead to obesity-related health issues like cardiac, diabetic, arthritic issues.

Dogs can eat whipped cream in prescribed amounts. Then what’re that prescribed amounts? Here is your answer!

How much whipped cream can dog eat? A full cup or bowl!

Desserts and dessert ingredients are always a matter of toxicity to dogs.

All dogs are not lactose intolerant, so if you are lucky enough, then you can share some of the dairy products like cheesepeanut butter, whipped cream, ice cream with your dog.

While serving dairy products with your dog, you must be sure that your dog is lactose tolerant.

When your dog shows negative signs on eating lactose products, then please do not indulge in the dairy diet! Still, if you wish to serve dairy products to your dog, then stay at limits. Just serve only as a paste in bread or for licking during snack time.

You can give whipped cream to your dog in the form of gravy on your dog’s food bowl. Just a bit of whipped cream is enough for your dog.

Starbucks special product “Puppuccino,” is safe for dogs. But it is not a better option to serve in excess!

How often can dogs eat whipped cream?

Your dog is not going to get any highest nutritional value on licking this whipped cream. But, still, it may look up as a special treat for your dogs.

Serve whipped cream just as Thanksgiving treat. Only as Thanksgiving treat, not as a regular diet plan for your dogs.

Starbucks Puppuccino is safe for dogs, but still, you must include it in limits and only occasionally. Too much of whipped cream in your dog’s diet is not advisable. It can make him obese, as well as it gives rise to diarrhea, vomiting, gas or bloat for your dog.

While picking the occasional treat, you must be sure about two facts! Here it is!

How to purchase whipped cream for dogs?

You need to take special care while picking whipped cream for your dog. The two important facts which you must note on the label of whipped cream is:

  1. Saturated fat
  2. Low-sugar

Saturated fat helps your dog’s digestion. It can be broken down into globules and calories easily by your dog’s digestive system. But, unsaturated fats contain many bonds and links, which may be harder for dog’s under-developed digestive system.

On the second fact, lies the greatest note for your dog’s healthy lifestyle. Too much of sugar intake can increase your dog’s blood sugar level. Continuous increase in blood sugar level of dogs leads to diabetes.

Hence while choosing sugary treats for your dog, you must be aware and pick only low sugar products.

Can whipped cream for dogs be flavored?

Plain whipped cream is safer for dogs. Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs, while other flavors may include preservatives and coloring agents.

Hence plain whipped cream is tastier and safe for your dogs than serving any flavorings to your beloved dog.

Dogs love whipped cream only for it’s plain, dairy texture, not all the dogs love vanilla, butterscotch or any other flavors. Also, for licking limits, plain is safe and better option for dogs.

If you wish to serve flavored whipped cream, then go for pepper whipped creams. Many chew toys on the market also provide whipped creams; you can pick them.

Testimony and digestive issues

Dogs can eat whipped cream. But, every dog is unique in its individual aspect.

Some dogs may be lactose intolerant, and hence you must serve whipped cream in traces to your dog and observe changes.

You can introduce whipped cream in bread as a paste for breakfast to dogs.

If your dog accepts the small portion of whipped cream, then your dog has no lactose intolerant issues, and hence you can continue sharing whipped cream with your dog.

If your dog shows negative or adverse reactions on licking the whipped cream from bread, then he may be lactose intolerant. You must stop serving whipped cream to your dog forever.

Does whipped cream as a daily treat is acceptable? If not, why?

Obviously, whipped cream is not to be added to your dog’s daily diet plan.

The whipped cream is high in fat and sugar content. 100gms of whipped cream contains 70% of saturated fat and 8g of sugar.

The higher amounts of fat in your dog’s diet leads to obesity and cardiac diseases. Whipped cream also comprises of 25% of cholesterol.

So it’s left to you whether to make your dog stay fit with no health issues or make your dog obese!

Here’s the shocking nutritional value of whipped cream!

  • Saturated Fat – 70%
  • Total fat – 33%
  • Cholesterol – 25%
  • Protein – 6%
  • Sugar – 8g

This much of high nutritional value can disrupt your dog’s tummy and leads to stomach upsets!

Dogs can develop dental cavities on regular intake of whipped cream even with low sugar and fat content. So try to avoid regular whipped cream diet to your dogs!

Package of whipped cream diet for dogs!

Dogs can eat whipped cream safely without any chaos. Even dogs with diabetic, arthritic, pancreatitis, cardiac health problems can lick whipped cream.

Whipped cream can be served as a treat, snack for evening time for your dogs occasionally.

Whipped cream diets on a regular basis can make your dog obese and a  diabetic patient. It can also lead to dental cavities.

Stop at limits while serving whipped cream to your dog and make your dog stay fit!

Stay fit and healthy forever with your dog!


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