Can Dogs Eat Blueberries? Is It Good or Bad for Dogs?

dogs eat blackberries

Definitely YES! It was one of the questions I asked my Vet before feeding some to my dog and I am glad I did because blueberries come under some safe berries you can feed your pet, not only are they safe but blueberries are a good source of natural nutrients like Fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Polyphenols etc. That are great for your dog’s health.

Benefits of Blueberries:

The help in improving a bunch of health problems in dogs like:

  • Avoids Obesity
  • Controls Hypertension
  • Lessens Memory Loss
  • Preventing Cancer
  • Infection of urinary tract
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Controls Cholesterol level
  • Inflammation
  • Lower risk of Heart disease
  • Increases antioxidants
  • Helps in fighting free radicals

So many benefits from a few blueberries that’s some great news for my dog and hopefully yours too.

Dogs, in general, love fruits and vegetables especially the ones they find us eating.

It is common and safe for us to share human food with our four legged friends but it’s also important to look out for some that we shouldn’t, that aren’t safe like my favourite chocolate (sorry buddy you can’t have some), grapes, onion, raisins, nuts etc.

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But luckily blueberries are safe as well as healthy for our beloved pets, it is actually very beneficial for adult dogs with their memories during their ageing years.

Since blueberries are low in fat and calories it is a great fruit for dogs diagnosed with obesity or heart condition.

Blueberries have so many benefits that many dog food manufacturing companies have introduced a wide range of dog food that has blueberries as an important ingredient, and blueberries are not limited to just dog food there are many dog toys and grooming products that havei ncluded blueberry flavoured shampoo, treats and chew toys.

Blueberries are also a rich source of silicon that is great for a dog’s pancreas. All in all, blueberries are packed and stacked with natural nutrients that are awesome for your pet.

Dogs and Blueberries Infographics

can dogs eat blueberries - infographics

Blueberries and Limitations

But wait before you jump in excitement and start feeding your dog a bunch of blueberries.

Like any other Human food.(I think you know where I am going) blueberries also should be given in moderation so as to prevent any type of discomfort in your dog.

Excess blueberries aren’t fatal for your pet but it sure can give your dog a bad case of diarrhoea and I am sure you don’t want to end up with a dog who has an upset stomach.

So before you start feeding your dog check it’s limitation whether your dog can digest blueberries or not.

Start by feeding it 2-3 berries at a time and monitor it to see if it has any negative reaction to it, if your dog is happy and fine after a week or so, you can proceed with a few more but only after a couple of days as usually some fruits take time to show a negative reaction.

But then also don’t exceed above more than 8-10 berries as digesting it all together at a single go can be a hard task for your furry pal, let alone eating a handful. In the case of pup also limit to 2-4 and don’t exceed beyond that.

Advise on Blueberries: Do you know this?

You must have heard this advice like a million time but let me repeat it for you just in case you forgot, “Don’t replace your pet’s daily food or diet with fruits, vegetable or treats”.

It’s important to know the difference between dog food and dog treat, despite of knowing and understanding the difference people are compelled to ask this question.

Because their pet either refuses to take dog food and only responds to dog treats, therefore, people try to give a blind eye to this danger in order to just see their pet eat something.

Remember dog treat like blueberries are a great source of nutrients but it still can’t compete with your dog’s fully balanced daily diet, you need to understand that even if your dog loves blueberries and follows you around for some that don’t mean you should feed it to you dog all the time or daily.

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It’s a treat keep it for giving you buddy as a reward for being good or while training to help it engage in the activities more often.

Limiting your dog’s diet to a specific fruit despite its advantage and nutritional benefits can cause some serious health issues in your pet, it might show no negative signs for a while but in the long run, you would definitely regret this decision.

So just stay away from that thought and only feed blueberries to your pet as a treat. Blueberries won’t be harmful to your pet if you feed it in moderation, a few at a time. Blueberries are rich in fibre and therefore an excess of it can affect your pal’s digestive system.

Also, consult your Vet like I did before you start feeding your dog blueberries as not all dogs are able to digest the same type of food and so it’s possible that your Vet might reject the idea of seeing your dog’s overall health.

Blueberries that can turn your dog’s mood BLUE

Since I bake a lot (a lot means every other day or week) I tend to use sweetened fruits, like berries, cherries, pineapple etc.

And therefore I have to be extra careful to prevent my dog from consuming any artificially flavoured or sweetened stuff lying around.

It’s important to understand that natural sugar present in fruits are not that harmful to your pet if given in moderation but an artificially sweetened one can cause diabetes or obesity in your dog therefore always remember to give your pet raw fruits that don’t have artificial flavour or sweetener in it.

Also prevent giving your dog any baked items like cupcakes, muffins, pies etc. Even if it has blueberries because it also contains other ingredients that might be really harmful to your pet’s health.

Preparing Blueberries for your Dog:

It doesn’t need any preparation you simply clean it with fresh water and serve it raw, no boiling or cooking involved. Remember never to feed unripe or rotten fruit to your pet as this can lead to an upset stomach or sick pet.

If your dog can’t digest whole blueberries, then you can crush it or cut it in half before feeding it.

Many dog owners have shared that their young pups or dogs love to eat or chew frozen fruits during teething because they love its hard and crunchy texture.

It’s my humble advise to always consult your vet or your dog’s nutritionist before you do this as sometimes frozen fruits or vegetables aren’t the best idea because the cold temperature of the food might cause some illness in your pet if it’s not used to it.

Instead give your pet blueberry flavoured Dog chew treats that are not only tasty but also help in dental cleaning of your pet.

Now when you have finally decided to feed your pet a few blueberries go ahead and feed some. I am sure your dog would love to share a few blueberries with you and it might definitely lift your blue moods.


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