Can dogs eat onions? Onions are great for gravy and soups but is it safer for your dogs meal too?

dog eat onions

No, dogs can’t eat onion. Sorry, I don’t mean they can’t I simply mean they shouldn’t. Never Ever, Its a common knowledge that onions are bad for dogs but for new dog owners this is a very crucial piece of information.

I came upon this discovery when I found my dog sniffing at an onion fallen on the kitchen floor while I was cooking, usually I don’t let my dog in the kitchen and neither does my mom.

I do that in the fear of him consuming something toxic lying around in the kitchen while my mom just doesn’t like it sniffing at her for some scraps or shedding in the kitchen but as all pets are they like to wander into the no-entry zone more than anything.

Anyways, before I came to know the dangers of giving onion to my dog, I never actually gave a thought about it, in general, I mean it’s obvious the combination of dog and onion sounds not so appetising for our buddies.

Other than that, the fact that onions give bad breath makes me avoid it myself, let alone feed it to my dog whose teeth brushing is like battling with a wine stain on the carpet, hard and unavoidable.

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Usually, people don’t think in this direction because it’s not something dogs eat and also that if the ‘Toxic for pet’ list (I have one at home, you should too as it helps others who are new to your home understand your dog better in my case it’s my 6-year-old cousin who loves to treat my dog).

Says no onions that simply means no and therefore nobody tries to figure out the why and the what ifs. But what we generally forget is that most of our household cooking and recipes involve onions and giving a small helping of that food to your pooch is affecting it’s health indirectly.

This goes unnoticed because that small quantity won’t affect your dog immediately and therefore we tend to ignore the possibility that it might be affecting our dogs in the long run.

So beware, never even allow your dog to consume anything that has a hint of onion in it. Onions are poison for dogs, it affects their system and can do serious damage.

If you are debating in your mind like maybe they are similar to other human food that can be given cooked and not in a raw state, the get this cleared, no matter what kind or type of onion it is, just don’t give it to your dog. It’s a straight NO.

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As you know most of our homemade recipes whether it’s gravy, Chinese or soups include both onion and garlic, a mixture of which is required to create the perfect aroma and taste in many dishes but this same combination can be deadly for your pet. So totally avoid giving onions or garlic to your dog.

Dogs & Onion Infographics

can dogs eat onions - infographics

Dangers of Onion Consumption in dog:

There are many reasons for avoiding onion consumption in pets and all of them are very dangerous and I hope this helps you to understand the seriousness of this situation.

Haemolytic Anaemia is a fatal condition that is caused by onion consumption where the dog’s red blood cell are attacked by its own body and produces antibodies to eliminate them.

As scary as this sounds it’s a lot scarier when your dog suffers from it. This condition is not only dangerous but also expensive to treat.


The toxic element Thiosulphate present in onions can destroy your dog’s red blood cells. These same cells are responsible for delivering oxygen to their organ and brains.

In onion toxicity, haemoglobin in the red blood cells can’t carry oxygen to all parts of the body due to oxidising in which the haemoglobin are in clumps. These same clumps are called Heinz Body. Heinz Body Anaemia can make your dog’s liver weak which can affect its whole system.

What to do if your dog accidentally consumes some onions?

The answer is you simply don’t do anything, let the professional do it. If your dog consumes poison don’t hyperventilate, take it to the nearest vet and get it treated. In most onion toxicity the time delay and late diagnosis increases the risk of your pet dying and therefore the sooner it treated the better.

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How to know If your pet has consumed some onions?

Well if your pet has eaten some and you are totally clueless (This happens because most of the time there are no signs of sickness and it takes 2 -4 days for it to show up), then your dog would show signs of weakness, breathlessness, diarrhea and vomiting.

There is also change in urine colour, it might appear red, also there may be a case of discolouring of gums to yellow or it may become blue.

Some pets have known to collapse under strain during exercising like running and walking so make sure to take your pet to the Vet immediately for detoxification if this happens.

Any delay in treatment can cause serious suffering and even blood transfusion for your dog.

I am lucky that day my pet never consumed that onion, before I even had the chance of shooing him away, It just took a sniff, made a face and turned around and bounded off to get a treat from my mom but many times that’s not the case.

As dog owners we have to be extra careful towards our pets who just love to eat, cuddle and go crazy on the neighbour’s cat. So I really hope this helps you to understand your drooling friend better and take care of its health.


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