Can Dogs Eat Prunes? Will Prunes tune your dog’s gut health?

dogs eat prunes

Can Dogs Eat Prunes? Which means you have some digestive issues right now? You can take tablets or syrup to overcome digestive issues!

Just kidding!

Whenever we eat something, we can see that furry friend’s tail wagging up and down. Now I can see your head to travel up and down too!

Whenever human beings have digestive issues, they are advised to take some prune in dry, fresh or juice form. So we can’t hide what we eat from our furry dog babe, as dogs also have better sniffing ability.


You will be caught by your dog babe if you hide something. So don’t do it!

Now while eating some prunes, your dog wags its tails begging you for some prunes. This moment provokes you to search in Google, Yahoo, Bing for answers of the query, “Can dogs eat Prunes safely?”!

I will share all my knowledge on dog’s prunes diet, and it’s flavors on it! Let’s know all about dogs and prunes diet as you dig down more with cute paws!!

Can Dogs Eat Prunes? Of course not required!

Prunes are dried plums which are very fibrous. Fiber diet is good for humans but not for canines.

Fiber diet is recommended for digestive and constipation issues for humans. Can humans share this recommended prune medicine for canine’s digestive issues?

Even the fibrous banana is not that much recommended in higher amounts. Why should your dog take these highly fibrous prunes for their constipation?

Try this:

can dogs eat prunes safely Instead, you can serve a glass of water for your dog’s constipation and digestive issues. Canine’s digestive system is very simple, and it can recover itself in the course of time.

Hence you need not make it complex by adding complex prunes into their diet.

In short, it is not safe for your dog to eat prunes.

But, at the same time eating one or two prunes will not harm your dog babe.

Now let’s dig deep into the flavors of prunes which will harm your dog the most!

Can dogs eat dried prunes? Not necessary even one or two!

Can dogs eat dried prunes? Prunes itself is a dried plum; dried prune may be too much fibrous.

Too much of fibrous diet is bad for your dog’s gut health.

High fibrous diet in your dog’s diet may lead to diarrhea. Prunes lose their purpose in canines.

Hence avoid dried prunes utmost from your dog’s sight!

Can dogs eat fresh or dry prunes? No again!!

Prunes, on the whole, are not recommended for your dog’s diet.

It does not differ in the fresh or dry form either way. Better avoid all forms of prunes from your dog’s diet!

Can dogs eat pitted prunes? Never!! 

Mind it:

Pitted fruits are always toxic to your dog’s gut health.

Can dogs eat pitted prunes? Not only prunes all the pitted fruits are dangerous for your dog babe. Prunes are already a fibrous diet, and the pit may cause another problem of gut health.

If you wish to serve some prunes to your dog babe, then serve plain prunes without any pits.


Whenever serving fruits, remove the pits from your dog’s bowl!

Can Dogs Drink Plum Juice? Do you want me to say again?

Can Dogs Drink Plum Juice? You are right!

Dogs must not drink prune juice.

Prune itself is concentrated in its form due to drying, seasoning. While drying the fruits, it becomes more concentrated and hence more fibrous.

Introducing too many fibrous prunes in a glass of juice with sugar or artificial sweeteners may kill your dog.

Do you want to take risks? No!

Then don’t even try giving a sip of prune juice to your dog babe!

Can Dogs Eat Prunes and Plums? One or two is enough!

Can Dogs Eat Prunes and Plums? Both plums and prunes are made of the same ingredient. Plum is the base ingredient to prepare prune.

It’s better to serve plums in its original form than serving it as prunes.

You can practice plums as a treat for a training session for your dogbabe. But don’t stick to it as a regular practice.

I said: Only one or two!

Can Dogs Eat Prunes for constipation? A better option is water!

Water is the best medicine for relieving your dog from constipation. Their physic is built in that manner so that it can recover itself after some time.

It’s unnecessary to make their digestive system complex by adding too much of fibrous prunes in any form.

But, please go ahead in serving prunes to your dog babe if your vet recommends serving your dog.

Your vet knows the condition of your dog in specific, so you can serve prune or prune juice if your vet advises you to do so.

In generic, you can stick to water than prunes for constipation and digestive issues.


Try some pumpkin or cantaloupe pieces to your dog’s treat.

These fruits can relieve your dog babe from constipation and will help in digestion.

Why or why not your dog must not eat prunes? What happens if your dog eats prunes?

Dig down!

What happens when dogs eat Prunes? Affects gut!

What happens when dogs eat Prunes? Prunes being fibrous and concentrated, it can cause stomach upset, diarrhea if taken in higher amounts.

One or two prunes will not harm your dog’s gut health. But, it matters when it becomes a practice.

It’s better to avoid prunes even in smaller amounts right from the beginning.

But, there may be situations at which you may be amused like “what if my dog ate prunes without my knowledge?”.

In these situations, if it is one or two, you can ignore as it is not going to harm. But, keep out of reach of dog babe next time.

If your dog eats too much or pack of prunes completely, take them immediately to vet.

First aid:

If you can’t contact your vet immediately, try giving a spoon of activated charcoal mixed with a glass of water.

It initiates vomiting so that your dog babe can spit


In generic, utmost avoid giving prunes in dry, fresh, pitted or any form. Even prune juice is not recommended.

But, if your vet recommends you to serve prune to your dog due to constipation or digestive issues go ahead. Be in limits.


Try serving a glass of water then and there so that your dog can overcome constipation and digestive issues naturally!
Be natural and serve natural to your dog babe!!


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