Can Dogs Eat Carrots? Is It Good or Bad for Dogs?

dog eat carrot

OK so I am no bugs Bunny but I do love carrots a lot, while carrots are great for humans I often wondered whether they are nutritious for dogs as well?

Before I had got my pup home I had done a wide search online on all kinds of topics related to dogs, on what they can eat and what they can’t, one of these searches was about Can dogs eat carrots?

As it turns out, yes they can, as carrots are extremely healthy for our beloved pets as they are for humans.

It’s natural to wonder if dogs can eat carrots because the combination of dogs and carrots sounds so absurd, sure if it was rabbits and carrots then we would have agreed in a jiffy.

If you have recently become a dog owner you surely must be researching the best food to give your pup and it might have landed you here because trust me I have been in your place too.

If you are already a proud owner of an adult dog then you surely would love this information. Many of us refrain from regularly giving commercial dog treats to our pet not because we can’t but because we are not sure.

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No matter how easy it is or how cute the product looks and sounds it’s not always healthy sometimes certain treats don’t suit our buddies and we land up going through a large variety of products before landing on the one our furry pal gives a nod to.

So we look for easy alternatives that are not only healthy but easily available at home, something we both can share.

Dogs & Carrots Infographics

can dogs eat carrots - infographics

So the question arises why would dogs eat carrots?

Dogs also have a sweet tooth like us but unfortunately, we can’t give sweet products to our dogs, it’s not good for them and neither for us. Lucky dogs love carrots which are naturally sweet and crunchy making it a perfect treat for dogs.

But before you start giving your hungry pet some carrots, make sure your pet is not suffering from diabetes or any other sickness.

Always consult your vet about this as the natural sugar present in carrots might be harmful to dogs suffering from diabetes. If your dog is fit and fine then carrots can be a great addition to the list of treats you give your pet.

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So in what way is carrot good for dogs?

Packed with Vitamins:

Well, the answer is many ways! First of all carrot is a great source of vitamins (call it a powerhouse of vitamins actually), it contains vitamins like A,C,D,E,K,B1 and B6 (phew! So many).

Carrots are simply awesome for dogs. Vitamin A helps your dog’s immune system along with improving the softness of its coat and skin. Though it won’t help to improve eyesight in your dog but it slows down the degradation in vision.

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Solve digestive problems:

Now digesting carrots might seem a problem as dogs don’t digest the same way as we humans do but it is also a known fact that every human food that is good for dog needs to be given in moderation and that too in bite size (boiled works great).

Carrots are really good for dogs suffering from an upset stomach or diarrhoea, giving carrots to them would be simply fantastic for their digestion.

Carrots contain fibre that helps to regulate and improve it’s bowl moments. Though note down that if you are giving boiled carrots to your pet it has to be prepared specially for dogs by no addition of spices, sugar or salt as they are really harmful to your pooch.

And if it’s suffering from diarrhoea make it consume enough water to regulate carrot fibre throughout its system.

Low in calorie:

Carrots are not only packed with Vitamins they are also low in Calories and fat making it one of the best human food treats you can give to your dog. If your dog is suffering from obesity or weight gain then consult your vet if you can introduce carrot in its diet.

Carrots would help in maintaining a balance in your dog’s diet. Also, note that carrots are high in carbohydrates, so consult your vet before giving carrots to your pet if it’s on a low carb diet.

What else can carrots do?

Great for your dogs teeth:

My dog is quite stubborn and resists taking baths but more than that it refuses to get its teeth cleaned, no typing of hoaxing or tricks work and many time (more than I like )end up taking it to a Vet, all the while suffer seeing it eyeing me as the enemy.

These are the times when I searched up things that I can do to at least minimize the plaque and tartar build up ( there are no alternate for never cleaning a dog’s teeth, so ‘minimizing’ it is), Carrots have rough exterior that naturally cleans dogs teeth by scraping and dislodging the unnecessary particles, giving your dog a no mess clean up.

So just Carrots?

Apart from carrots, you can also give carrot juice to your dog. Remember everything has to be given in moderation, the quantity should be limited to prevent excess intake of anything.

Carrots have natural sugar, so I you are not giving carrot pieces but instead giving it carrot juice then don’t give a large amount, as carrot juice if given in excess could be harmful to your dog.

If you are serving cooked carrots don’t add spices or salt in it. Avoid giving large chunks of raw carrot to prevent choking or any digestive problems in your dog.


Remember a dog’s body and its system is made to digest meat and protein giving something like carrots can be a challenge for you and your dog both, therefore it’s advised to monitor your dog after it has consumed something new from its regular diet.

There are also many carrot based dog products in the market which you can try after consulting your vet.

Usually, people give human food to dogs to prevent them from consuming too much of commercial dog products and treats that portray a picture of a healthy diet for pets.

Giving organic veggies or homemade dog food gives a peace of mind to dog owners like me that their pet is actually consuming something nutritious once in a while.

Carrots are one of those things that you can give to your pet a healthy treat but never replace it’s doggie food or daily diet with a single item even if it’s great for your dog’s health.

But as always consult your veterinarian before making any changes in your dog’s diet if you have any doubt in your mind.

So it’s all for you to decide what’s best for your dog, many times we find the information on the internet useful and it helps us to keep a check on our dog’s health but often making up our minds about certain human food for our dog becomes a web of confusion.

Therefore whenever you are worried about the best food for your pet always consult a Veterinarian or a professional who has a better understanding of your dog’s health.


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