Blue Nose Pitbulls – Aggression or Fascination? find out some cool facts related to these awesome dog

blue nose pitbulls

Blue Nose Pit Bulls are a fascinating breed, and if you are in search for a pet then no need to look any further, you have just found the perfect pet.

If you are already the owner of a Blue Nose Pit bull then congratulations my friend you have found yourself an amazingly wonderful companion. Plus look out for some amazing Tips for you pet throughout the article.

There are so many misconceptions about the Blue Nose Pit Bulls that you might be doubting yourself if you are making the right choice?

If you are a frustrated owner whose Pit Bulls don’t obey then you don’t need to worry; you are not doing anything wrong. It’s just that your technique might not be effective. Dogs, in general, are of different temperament, and each one of them responds to their owner according to it.

Blue Nose Pit Bulls are quite close to human nature, they project their emotions and behave similarly like us. If you are frustrated, then your Pit Bull would exhibit the same behavior.

Now you would be wondering if it’s in their nature to behave so?

Then, my friend you are wrong, Pit Bulls are not aggressive they are very loyal and obedient, it all depends on how they are treated and trained. Almost every dog is protective and possessive about their territory and the people they are in contact with, and that applies to Pit bulls too.

Their nature and behavior is a reflection of your treatment and care. If brought up in a hostile environment your Pit bulls would reflect the same. Therefore, it’s important to treat them with love and affection.

Blue Nose Pit Bulls are quite aggressive?

That’s just a bad publicity received by them. Blue Nose Pit Bulls are not usually lucky to get a good owner like you sometimes they are treated badly by their owners in the name of sport or in need for ferocious guard dogs which results in such bad rep.

Cruel owners previously trained Pit Bulls for animal blood sport where it has to face a bull in the arena; the result was bloody and brutal, and it damaged the image of the Pit Bulls. Imagine getting confined in a terrible environment with “no internet connection” or getting grounded by parents with no “WhatsApp and Facebook,” you get the picture.

Dogs are like humans; they go through the same emotions of Fear, Anger, Confusion and Love like us, and that’s why they associate themselves with their human companions so quickly and are protective of them.

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Why Should I get one? What’s so special About Blue Nose Pit Bulls?

If you are wondering what’s the hype around Blue Nose Pit Bulls and why you should get one then the answer is simple- They are amazing pets, brilliant, loyal and brave all they need is a favorable environment. Some early socializing and training as puppies to ensure they are comfortable around you and your family.

Blue Nose Pit Bulls are so popular because of their distinct nose pit and coat color which is quite unique and hard to be found in any breed. Their distinct color separates them from others and therefore they are so much in demand. If you are looking for something similar and special, then Blue Nose Pit Bulls are the correct pet for you.

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Blue Nose Pit Bulls – Your Search for perfect pet ends here.

If you are searching for Blue Nose Pit Bulls and have found yourself confused by all the information related to Pit bulls and the talk around American Pit Bull Terriers. Then don’t worry you are not lost, you are just among a huge pile of information that needs to be sorted, and I am here to help you make the right choice.

Blue Nose Pit Bulls are just like any other Terriers what separates them from others is their distinct nose pit which is different from the regular black nose while the Blue Pit Bulls have distinct coat color. So now you can either choose a Blue Nose Pit Bull or a Blue Pit Bull.

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My Blue Nose Pit Bull doesn’t have a blue nose!!! What now??

Now if you are looking at your dog and wondering that why your Blue Nose Pit Bull doesn’t have a blue nose pit and if the seller cheated you then don’t worry my friend.

It’s not uncommon for Blue Nose Pit Bulls do not have a blue nose pit; it can also be red, blue or the common black too. The color difference is not a defect in the breed; it is still a Pit Bull terrier with just a different nose color pit.

Moreover, one surprising fact related to this is that change in color of the nose in Blue Nose Pit Bull is still unknown, a mystery yet to be solved.

My Pit Bull has a red nose, Is he a rare breed?

Congratulation for having such a cool pet but don’t confuse yourself with the rarity of the breed relation to the color of a Pit Bulls coat or the distinct nose pit colors of blue and red in the name of the different breed.

They are one and the same don’t get confused with the red and the blue; they are all part of the same breed only their nose pit color is different, resulting in their popularity and false advertisement of a rare breed.

So now you know the truth, so if you are getting a Blue Nose Pit Bull, you won’t get fooled by sellers. You are becoming the owner of a remarkably smart pet so be a smart buyer too.

Which one should I choose?

Selecting a pet depends on your need and requirement. If you are looking for a companion pet for your family that is good around with children and easier to train, then your choice should be The American Pit Bull Terrier because The American Staffordshire Terrier and The Staffordshire Bull Terrier as not so good with children.

Mostly Blue Nose Pit Bulls are not good watch dogs as they are very friendly and get along well with families and children but unfortunately with strangers too. They might seem intimidating, but they are easily overcome with a treat and a pat. Sure, with proper training they would work well as guard dogs, you just need to train it to bark at intruders.

Now you need to question yourself about what kind of a pet you are looking for?

Your priorities should determine your choice of pet and your family’s compatibility with your pet should be the top most, after all, it’s going to be a part of your family. You need to make sure it feels welcomed by your family, and you might be surprised with the loyalty and love it gives in return.

That’s what is so special about Blue Nose Pit Bulls, they love families and are quite compatible with anyone, their pain tolerance is very high and therefore they won’t hurt kids if they hug it too tight or play with its tail or ears. They are affectionate and caring animals who would love to cuddle with you and spend time with you.

I am just suggesting you the choices you should make to ensure you have the right pet and are not getting one for the wrong decisions. A pet becomes a part of your family, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that you take good care of it.

Blue Nose Pit Bull Facts – Some amazing things about your pet or soon to be pet.

Smart Dog: Blue Nose Pit Bulls are one of the smartest breeds of dog out there, and since they are intelligent they are very easy to train. If you want such brilliant quality in your pet, then you should get a Blue Nose Pit Bull.

High Pain Tolerance: The best part about Pit Bulls is their ability to tolerate pain especially if they are around children. Kids have a habit of playing roughly with pets due to their cuteness and their willingness to play; often this results in kids pulling the tail of the dogs or even try climbing and sitting on their back.

Blue Nose Pit Bulls are great in this area due to their great tempo with kids and their tolerance towards pains and tight cuddly hugs. If they are trained correctly from starting, they are bound to make a fantastic playmate for your child who would get lots of attention and loyalty from his pet.

#Tip: Only training of the dog is not enough, teach your kids to be patient and tolerant with their pets, be careful and caring towards them. Young Pit Bulls would not understand a kid, but an adult trained Pit Bull would care for a kid.

Love for Jumps: Now this is where it gets cool , Pit Bulls are excellent jumpers, they are so good that they can jump up to four or five feet in the air which is quite higher as compared to rest of their kind. If you are an active person who loves to play fetch with his pet or wants someone to jump at you when you come back from work then Blue Nose Pit Bulls are the one pet you can get.

Though this can also lead to your house getting distressed and your items getting ruined due to its excessive jumping. This can be controlled by training it from the beginning and preventing the unnecessary damage to the household. You can also prevent this by given it ample room for jumping and other activities in the park to utilize its energy and satisfy its jumping habit.

#Tip: Install at least a 6-foot fence or higher to prevent a case of runaway dog.

Emotional Pets: Blue Nose Pit Bulls are very emotional and quite attached to their owners, they are possessive as well as sensitive. If you are looking for an affectionate and caring pet who adores a good owner, then Blue Nose Pit Bulls are a good choice for you.

However, this also means that you have to care for it, win its trust and maintain it too. The treatment you give your pet is exhibited in his behavior, and it’s extremely important that you give adequate affection to a sensitive and adorable pet like a Blue Nose Pit Bull.

#Tip: Don’t exhibit wrong emotions or make it feel abandoned else it would be hard for you to gain trust again, loyalty is a key factor in Pit Bulls, and that is gained through love and care.

The fact you must know: Now if you already have a pet and are getting an adult Blue Nose Pit Bull as a companion to the previous pet or just a second pet for fun then think carefully. Because an adult Pit Bull might not be that friendly with your current pet as it hasn’t been taught to live in the company of other animals which may cause some aggressive behavior towards you pet.

#Tip: They are not usually other animal-friendly but only if they are not trained.

Now why did I just say adult Blue Nose Pit Bull and not simply Blue Nose Pit Bull that’s because if a Pit Bull is taught to live in harmony with other animals in his initial years of training then he would be more comfortable and compatible with it, all you need to do is give it time and company with other pets to get to know them but only if it’s still training, teaching this behaviour to an adult dog would be a really hard task.

#Tip: During training of Blue Nose Pit Bulls, keep in mind to constantly supervise it in the company of other pets, don’t leave it alone even if it gets to know them well.

BLUE NOSE Pit Bulls – Before you get one.

Now there are certain things you need to know before you get yourself a Blue Nose Pit Bull.

Always take the advice from an expert who knows better about Blue Nose Pit Bulls, especially someone who already has a Blue Nose Pit Bullor breeds one.

If you want to get a puppy and train it yourself or get an already trained pet.

Now this has both pros and cons:

Pros: If you buy a Blue Nose Pit Bull Puppy, you would be able to understand it and train it yourself which would give you ample time to earn its loyalty and love.

Cons: It’s important to dedicate time to the training task, an untrained Blue Nose Pit Bull puppy would become aggressive and won’t listen to you as it grows up.

Pros: If you get a trained adult Blue Nose Pit Bull, it would be trained, and you won’t need to spend extra time to train it

Cons: You would till need time to get to know your pet and he would not listen to your commands as it hasn’t spent time with you enough.

Am I sure I want to buy and not adopt one? Adopting a Blue Nose Pit Bull would be a nice thing to do than spending your money to buy one thus prompting more breeders to breed Blue Nose Pit Bulls.

If you are getting a Blue Nose Pit Bull then remember to train it properly and if you are struggling to take advice from professional trainers as reading and learning about training is not enough to give someone the practical idea of doing it in the presence of an active dog.

Ask yourself: Do I have the time and money to take care of an active dog? Remember every dog and not just Blue Nose Pit Bulls require your time and affection, you need to have enough space in your life to give them the hours they need. Also, Dogs like human have many health issues, and they suffer from sickness too, you should be able to provide it with the care it needs.

If you are not an active person, then don’t consider buying a Blue Nose Pit Bull as they are highly active pets and they require exercise to release their energy and move their muscles.

Is my home pet-friendly? If you live in an apartment then a Blue Nose Pit Bull is not the best choice for you, even if you love this dog you would eventually be making it sad and aggressive due to less space in you apartment.

A house with a fenced yard or a park nearby is a better home for a Blue Nose Pit Bull to get its daily exercise. Only walks for it is not enough; it should get enough time to use its energy to feel relaxed and happy. Pit Bulls are like small children, they won’t like if you tell them to sit at one place and study all the time, they need playtime too.

Are my kids comfortable around pets? Kids are the one who spend time with the pets more, and their comfort level should be the first thing you must consider before you get yourself a Blue Nose Pit Bull.

Remember a trained adult Pit Bull would be more well behaved than an untrained pup who is getting to know you and the kids, especially kids who would simply like to play and won’t understand that the dog needs time to know them.

Knowing their comfort level would be better for both the dog and the  children,  so make sure you have mature kids who know about their soon to be  pet or teach them to be understanding. Consult a professional always if you have any doubts.

Is my locality Dog-friendly? Sometimes we forget the basics in the excitement of getting a dog, check with your residential authority or location head to ensure they are fine with a dog especially a Blue Nose Pit Bull. Make sure the area is safe for your dog and would serve as a happy home.

Is a Blue Nose Pit Bull the best choice for me? Now this is the question you have to ask yourself and decide because it all comes down to this only. You have to be really sure that you are comfortable and confident about a Blue Nose Pit Bull or any animal in general before you get one so as not to repent later and even make the pet miserable.

Blue Nose Pit Bulls –The care it needs

Now when you finally have your own Blue Nose Pit Bull or going to have there are certain things you should keep in mind to have a healthy and happy pet. Not only are Pit Bulls similar to humans in emotions, but they also need similar care like a human child.

But this is where the problem arises some of you might be saying “we don’t even know about basic child care then how are we supposed to care for a pet?” DON’T WORRY! And that is the first step you should take because if you worry too much you are bound to fumble and stumble.

Sure, you might find some hurdles in the way but your comfort and confidence would be a great help in caring for your beloved pet. And moreover, you can do some things that would make this easier.

As I said before, Blue Nose Pit Bulls are similar to humans and so they also have some health issues which you need to know before hand to easily detect the symptoms so as to care for it.

Blue Nose Pit Bulls are prone to certain illness and diseases due to their inbreeding to produce more Blue Nose Pit Bull Pups. American Pit Bull Terriers are healthy and may not suffer from all these diseases, but it’s wise to be cautioned against anything that might cause your pet to suffer.

Before I get into the details , it is important to know that not all diseases in Pit Bulls are caused by environment some are genetic too which are inherited from parents and passed on to the pup.

These Genetic health issues are quite common in American Pit Bull Terriers due to unwise breeding that people do to produce more Blue Nose Pit Bull pups for profit. These types of breeding cause skin diseases in Pit Bulls.

So if you are getting a Blue Nose Pit Bull it’s important that you make sure they are adopted or bought from the right facilities and channels which practice good breeding. If you know any seller who is breeding Pit Bulls for the wrong reasons or are being treated the wrong way, then immediately notify your local pet shelter or authority to ensure that such practices are stopped.

Your carefulness and consciousness would eventually prevent wrong practices and help in ensuring that every Pit Bull gets a good home like yours.

Other illness suffered by Pit Bulls are :


Allergies are common in American Pit Bull Terriers, typically skin allergies which can be caused by grass, dust or pollen present in the environment. The basic thing you can do to minimize this is to make sure that your home and area is not extremely polluted before getting a Blue Nose Pit Bull. Fleas can be quite some problem if proper care and cleaning are not practiced.

Your Blue Nose Pit Bull can also suffer from food allergies which can be a major discomfort for your pet. Itching due to allergies can lead extreme chewing and scratching, which can cause harm to your Pit Bull resulting in bleeding sometimes.  To avoid this, make sure you have a local veterinarian on call in emergencies, plus you can keep a regular check up for your pet to control the allergies with medication and care.


Mange also known as Canine Scabies is the most common disease in Blue Nose Pit Bulls which they go through in their lifetime. It is caused by parasite mites which can cause excessive itching sometimes the itching can become so severe that it might be fatal for your dog. But don’t panic, it can be treated though your dog would be in extreme discomfort during this treatment because of the chemical shampoos used for the treatment.

Heart Disease

Many breeds of dog suffer from heart disease in which aortic stenosis is the most common. It is a congenital heart defect a dog is born with. The signs are varied in different dogs some have major signs of the disease and some have minor and in some, the signs are not even visible. To tackle this disease keep a check on your pet for any signs by taking him to the veterinarian for check-ups.


This disease usually occurs in middle- aged dogs, so if you have an adult pet then make sure you keep a look out for any signs of extra weight gain, reproductive problems, degradation of coat etc. It is due to the dysfunction of Thyroid gland and can be cured with medication daily throughout the rest of its life.

Hip Dysplasia

It is a very painful disease in which the sockets and joint of the hip are malformed. To ensure that you dog doesn’t suffer from it, make sure you get an x-ray of its hip at the age of 2 when you get yourself a new Blue Nose Pit Bull.

If you are now worried about the problems that your dog might face then let me put you at ease by telling you some things that might come in handy while taking care of you cute pet.

Care For Their Welfare:

Exercise: The first and foremost thing to do in order to give your pet a healthy life.

Food: Consult a Veterinarian for the best type of diet you need for your pet, Always make sure to ask your Vet before making any changes in the diet or brand of the food you are feeding your dog. This move can prevent any sudden health and stomach problems in your pet.

Vaccination: The best way to prevent many health issues in your pet is to make sure it gets it’s required shots yearly. Check online and also with medical experts for the types of vaccination, your Blue Nose Pit Bull needs so as to be up to date with the current medical changes.

Spaying and Neutering: As always consult your Veterinarian for the advantages and disadvantages of spaying a female and neutering of Male your pets.

Weather: Don’t leave your Pit Bull outside in cold weather, the climate can cause health problems as Pit Bulls can’t tolerate cold.

Beware of the signs: Check for any signs of infections like redness, inflammation of skin, mouth, nose, eyes, etc. If you find any immediately, consult the nearest Vet to prevent any further infection.

Environment: Make sure your environment is good enough for the healthy development of your pet, any serious kind of pollution could cause health issues in your pet.


Usually, Pit Bulls are associated with aggressive nature and stubbornness, but that’s because they are not provided with proper care and attention.

Let’s look at some of the Basic things you can do:

Obedience Training: Despite being associated with being aggressive behavior Blue Nose Pit Bulls are quite obedient which is achieved through training. On your part patience is the key, it is not easy for your pet to understand you at first too so expect the same from it too.

It would take time for training so sure you don’t give up easily, the reward would be amazing I can assure you that. Don’t give hard tasks and commands immediately after few sessions. If it’s ready, it will show you through its behavior. To train your Pit Bull, you need to have a few things in hand to make this a bit smooth for you and your Blue Nose Pit Bull as well.

  • Some Dog Treats for reward.
  • A leash – longer the better.
  • A collar and a tag.
  • Dog Tracking chip would be a bonus.
  • Lots of chew toys.
  • A Training Guide ( Sometimes reading a few tips help a lot ).

#Tip: Never use force or punishment to train your Blue Nose Pit Bull. Hurting it physically would damage its relation with you.

Learn the Language: Now I don’t mean you start barking at your dog or learn to bark for the case but what I mean by language is that your dog communicates with you through emotions, signs and behavior and that’s what you need to do LEARN IT! Make sure you understand it’s every move and mood, observing can help you understand what your pet is trying to say.

Often their emotions or behavior are signs of deteriorating health and noticing it’s body language might just help you to spot some. If it starts barking a lot more than usual, moves in circles, paces around the house restlessly or gets extremely lazy or tired then it’s time to take him to a Vet or change its routine.

Now what else you can do is note down things that make your Blue Nose Pit Bulls calm in these situations. If it’s frozen or is constantly on guard around you, Check what might have triggered such a behavior.

Reward it: Rewards work the same way for dogs as it does for humans “It makes them Happy”, Now while training the easiest way to make your Blue Nose Pit Bull listen to you is to reward it if it does a task correctly, It would ensure him that it is making you happy and doing a good job.

Be firm too leniency would make it confused as it won’t understand what you are trying to teach it. The cute dog eyes and the small bark might melt you inside but training is necessary so make sure you make your dog work through the hurdles even if you feel that it’s enough or fine for now.

A reward doesn’t mean you give it a food treat every time, even a pat or a kind word would do the trick. All your pet needs to know is that it’s getting the same attention it’s giving you.

A place its own: Giving a dog home doesn’t mean just your house space and yard, but it also means to give it an area for itself. Blue Nose Pit Bulls like other dogs love to be left alone too sometimes and would love to have a small area that’s just for them.

If you have your own Blue Nose Pit Bull get a Dog House or bed to make it more comfortable. Don’t make the area a place for punishment but a place for rest and sleep.

Dog collar and Tag: If you have just welcomed a Blue Nose Pit Bull pup then it’s better that you put a collar and a tag on your beloved pet as there are chances of him wandering off without your knowledge if you attention is diverted.

It would be even better if you get a microchip for your dog, in case he gets lost you can track him easily.

Toilet Discipline: If your Blue Nose Pit Bull is new around the house, then  surely there are going to be some toilet mishaps with it and in order to prevent acceleration of these incidents it’s your responsibility to train it since beginning by maintaining a routine.

Take your Pit Bull to the toilet in the morning, in the afternoon after meals, in the evening during walks and mostly whenever there is a long interval. Assign a specific area for this to make sure he knows his routine and follows it.

Who is the Master: Discipline and obedience training help your Pit Bull to recognize you as a friend and a master as well. Every dog needs someone who can lead it, and you have to know that the leadership lies in your hand. Deny your pet the liberty to do whatever it wants, that doesn’t mean you start dominating it.

Deny your pet the liberty to do whatever it wants, that doesn’t mean you start dominating it. You have to be firm enough that it understand when it is doing wrong and listens to you when you command it to stop.

Don’t punish your dog if it does something wrong, remember it’s always a training phase throughout a dog’s life but it would adapt to the habits you teach it. Remember to reward it when it obeys you that way he would listen to you whenever you deny it something.

Putting a leash: Blue Nose Pit Bulls are very active pets and to control their excessive excitement it is important to put a leash on them. This way you would easily be able to train you pets to fetch, sit, go and come back plus it would allow them to move freely without escaping a certain radius in your yard.

A Leash would also help train your pet to follow you instead of going their own merry way but in no way apply tension or strain on the leash while doing so as it would send a wrong message to your pet.

While going for walks the leash would help your dog from running towards other animals or escaping from your sight. This would also help in training your pets while socializing with other dogs by keeping both on a leash to play with each other.

#Tip: Remember to keep a water bottle to squirt your dog when it becomes aggressive with others instead of hurting it. Dogs, in general, dislike water and run away when splashed with it.

No chew, No Bite: Blue Nose Pit Bulls have sharp teeth and during training when they are young, you would often find your pet gnawing or chewing something or the other, it might even turn up to be your favor pair of sneakers.

Putting a stop to this chewy habit from early on would be a great practice as it would prevent them from biting other people, things or even you when they grow up.

To stop this, show your emotion and pain to your pet whenever it bites something and commands it to stop, Blue Nose Pit Bulls easily pick up on emotions and showcasing this would help to ensure it doesn’t repeat this mistake in future.

Also, it’s an important part of the basic training to get lots of chew toys for your pet to divert their attention from other precious and chewy things in your house.

Socializing when young: t is very important to train your Blue Nose Pit Bull to socialize it when its young and not just with people but with other animals too, this would ensure that it is comfortable around people and pets alike when it grows up. If you are struggling with your puppy in this, then take professional advice or enroll your Blue Nose Pit Bull in a training class.

Finally, When the Basic Training is Over

Good Job if your pet has finished its initial training and is going through its usual routines but it’s not over yet. Knowing some cool tricks and command is great but maintaining that same behavior and habit is another. Don’t quit training of your Blue Nose Pit Bull throughout its life though the routine can be minimal but continue some things every once in a while to make sure it follows the pattern.

Introduce and socialize it with another adult Blue Nose Pit Bulls or other dogs to make it friendly but avoid forced socializing as it would make your pet aggressive and he might harm others.

Try to take baby steps in this department, you can introduce other dogs during walks where the meeting is short then extend the timing as your dog starts to get comfortable. Look out for signs of excitement and aggression.

Keep a record of its behavior pattern and note which Dog it likes to avoid in total and in whose company its excited and friendly. With dogs, it’s the same as humans  “Just because they get along doesn’t mean they like them”.

Remove the leash only when your Blue Nose Pit Bull is fully trained and listens to your command at once, but still, always keep an eye on it and supervise it in the presence of other animals.

Food Time:

Blue Nose Pit Bulls have a healthy appetite, their daily amount of food intake consists of 1.5 to 2.5 cups of good and high-quality food that is divided into two meals. Now this average intake may vary depending on the size, age and built of your pet and the activities it does.

Now like humans Blue Nose Pit Bull can gain weight too, obesity can become a major problem if your pet is given more food than the required amount or is not exercised enough as compared to the food intake.

If you are facing problems with less food intake then there might be two causes, you pet doesn’t require that much food or it is suffering from illness, in such cases, you can contact a professional trainer or your nearest Vet.

#Tip: Good Quality food is a must, this ensures that your pet is getting everything it needs to stay healthy. So take professional advice or consult the shelter from where you got your Blue Nose Pit Bull about the right food.


It’s not just you, your dog likes to look nice too. Grooming is not just about cleaning and brushing your pet, it is also about the prevention of many health and skin issues for your Blue Nose Pit Bull through it.

As always take professional advice before proceeding with this. The right brush, shampoo and method would help to maintain a beautiful and shiny coat.

Apart from brushing the coat also brush your Pit Bulls teeth to prevent built up of bacteria and gum diseases, twice a week is good and every day is great. Clean your Pit Bull’s ears of any infection by just cleaning the outer layer with a cotton ball but prevent going deeper.

If you have a wooden floor, and you notice scratch marks or hear clicking when your dog moves then its the right time to clip your Pit Bulls nail.

If you have no idea how to do that then please don’t experiment with it as there are blood vessels in dogs toenails and if you do it wrong you might accidentally cause bleeding and hurt it in the process. So ask a Vet to do that for you in order to ensure that you pet doesn’t go hiding whenever it sees a clipper.

Love your Pit Bull as they are now a part of your family and treat them well. If you have now finally made up your mind of getting a Blue Nose Pit Bull, then make sure you get it from the right people, facility or better adopt one from the shelter.

Cross check with other Blue Nose Pit Bull facilities of breeders to make sure you are not cheated about breed and lineage. But most of all make sure you are yourself ready to take this responsibility and can provide your pet with the HOME it deserves because a happy pet is a healthy pet.


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