Why do dogs eat their poops? Don’t they know that is shit?

dogs eat poops

Oh shit! Sasha this is shit don’t you know not to eat? Oh, my god! My Sasha made me shame in front of my folks. I know that the behavior is dog’s nature.

But I have made her dieting habits perfect, then is it okay if my dog keeps eating poop. So I consulted my vet with distinct doubts on “why is my dog eating her poop?.”

Now I know the reasons of the poop eating habits of my Sasha and best remedy for dogs eating poop. Hence I am sharing my whole experience on training session of “how to stop dogs from eating stool?”

For starting up the training session, you must know the facts why the dogs eat their pee-mail or others. So let’s start with this question.

Why do dogs eat their poops?

Dogs are very clean as well as the best sniffers in the world. If your dog is a female, sure they may develop this habit as they would sniff out their partner’s mail and would eat the poops.

Also, this crazy poop eater would be most common in the home with multiple dogs. They would interchange and eat the others poops.

Also, whenever the dogs are on leash walking sessions, they would hack the others pee-mails and reply them.

I have noticed many dogs eating fresh stuff stools, but they will not be in excitement to eat loose stools or diarrhea.

Also, because of this poop eating behavior, the dogs would be sick as there would be parasites, flea or other health issues in the dog who have pooped. So I wanted to seek the reason for the dog eating poop.

Tempting objects for poop eating habits:

The dog poop eating may be the habit inherited from their biological mother to keep their own area clean. This may be due to some health issues like

Lack of nutrition
Drugs and steroids
Diabetic health issues

Other reasons for poop eating dogs

  • For recycling the overfed diet
  • Maybe receiving pee-mails from their lovers
  • To avoid scolding from the pet parents if they poop
  • They may have sniffed out poops of other pets in the home
  • To seek attention of pet parents
  • Due to separation anxiety, they may eat their own poops
  • Scenting on their mother or lover
  • To get over from the nutrition needs
  • They may think that these poops would help better digestion

These may be the reasons why our dogs eat poop. This poop eating behavior is technically known as Coprophagia.

This Coprophagia is of two types namely auto coprophagia (eating their own poops) and allocoprophagia (eating other dogs poops). There are more reasons why your dog eats their poops. I will tell you in brief.

Dogs will be turning as protagonist:

I have strong evidence from the dog behaviorist that the dog’s behavior are strongly connected with the pet parents. Yes, of course, you might have shouted on the dogs due to house training accidents.

Instead, you must go with optimistic reinforcement training session. As they are loyal and clean animals, would never allow you to get tensed or shout on them; hence they may eat their own poops to clean the floor.

Your boundary limits make them jump over walls:

Pet parents will often set boundaries to the dogs, and hence they would be under great stress with boredom. If they are in the crate, your boundary is too confined and hence you will not at all look often on them.

So they may develop the habit of eating their own poops and just pass the time with their own preparations. For this reason of eating the poops, we pet parents are totally responsible. But now the answer for dog eating poop, how to stop problems will be solved.

How to stop my dog from eating poop naturally?

After having thorough knowledge on the reasons, I had come with natural solutions to stop my dog from eating her poops. Also, my vet suggested to give her with different supplements and rotational feeds. I will list the vet’s advice for every pet parents.

If you are a pet parent with multi-dogs, then feed each dog with one bowl. When you’ve cats and other pets in your home, litter box must be kept shut, so that dog can’t sniff out the other animals poops.

When you’re dog suffers the lack of nutrition, then try some healthy rotational feeds like salmon, orangesavocado fleshcantaloupesgreen beans and so on. These are veggies as well as the non-veggies list. Also, the carrots are proved to be the best human food for dog’s nutritional diet.

Due to higher taste buds, the dogs may require delicious treats in their bowl, so feed them with healthy natural feeds. Try some dish out toys when they are alone in their crate.

If the dog sniffs the pee-mail on leash walking sessions, then command him/her repeatedly that “leave that, come on” and so on. This behavior can be ruined only on a regular training session.

Use some bad smelling sprays over their poop to make the smell vanish. Instead, I would recommend you to clean the poop immediately from the dog’s crate. Use some puppy pad training for house training your dog.

The most important fact is that you must pay attention to the dogs even when they are in a crate and their own space. Keep an eye on them wherever you are. If you’re working out in the morning and evening sessions, then spend some time in playing with your best furry friend. This makes the boredom vanish.

Bundled up stop to pee-mails eating behavior:

Sure, you would start picking the best remedy for poop eating behavior according to your doggie and will keep your dignity in front of your folks.

Will be great if you share your house training experience in the comments page! Stay connected to the adorable pets with dogbabe!


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