Can dogs eat avocado? Let’s break the fruit and find the answer

dog eat avocado

Salutations, folks! You are a successful pet parent for dogs. Need to make your dog healthy and fit, then undoubtedly serve them avocado flesh.

Wondered that “Can dogs eat avocados?”

yes, of course, they can be served with the flesh of avocados in prescribed limits.

In this article, I will answer all your queries about dogs and avocados. You will have any one of the queries listed below, right?

  1. My dog ate avocado, what should I do? Whether take her to a veterinarian?
  2. I glanced mixed avocado treat in a pet store, can I serve my pup? If it’s fine, then how much should I give her?
  3. If I serve my puppy with avocado, what are the gains to her?

Have a glance at the article. Even as a pet parent, I had these queries buddies! But after consulting ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), I had a clear idea of serving my cutie with avocado.

I had a clear idea of serving my cutie with avocado. Hence need to share my cutie’s experience with you, buddies! Let us have a coffee discussion about our dog’s health below.

Dogs and Avocados Infographics

can dogs eat avocado - infographics

Can dogs eat avocado? Is it safe?

Yes, buddies, our dog can be served with the meat of avocado. But, will beg you not too much! Avocados are high-fat content fruits, hence can vanish our doggies cuteness by obesing them when taken in excess.

You can undoubtedly serve plain avocados for dogs. At the same time avoid Guatemalan mixed avocados, to be safer enough. While serving avocados, as a doggy parent, we have to concentrate on some issues, let’s have a look at those instructions.

As a doggy parent, while serving avocados

  • Make sure to peel off the skin
  • Remove the pits from the fruit
  • Serve only ripened fruits
  • If fed in excess than 100 grams, may cause stomach upsets, as it’s a high-fat content
  • Be attentive whether cutie intakes leaves, barks, pits of the fruit

Attention: Be attentive you have to feed only ripened fruits! The unripened fruits contain persin, which is a toxic substance. Only after the plain avocado ripens, the persin disappears to permissible levels.

Avocado Benefits to Dog’s Health:

Avocados are high-fat content and nutritious fruits. They possess 20 essential nutrients and includes vitamins, minerals, fiber content in it. I list the profits gained to cutie’s health by the intake of avocado flesh.

If we feed the prescribed limit of 100 grams to cutie, she will gain,

  • 16% of Vitamin C
  • 15% of Vitamin B6
  • 10 grams of monounsaturated fat
  • 7 grams of diet fiber
  • 3% of iron contents with one or two pieces of avocado
  • 2 grams of protein
  • 2% of Vitamin A
  • 1% of Calcium
  • 485 milligrams of potassium

If the cutie intakes the avocado regularly, her skin and coat would be healthy. As a doggy parent, I love gently touch her fur. Sure all would love to make our cutie comfortable by breezy touch.

For enjoying the cutie’s healthy skin and coat, serve him with plain avocado flesh.

Losses to Dog’s health:

The losses to our cutie’s health can happen only when we serve her too much. Otherwise, only profits can be gained to dog’s health.

I repeatedly beg you, don’t serve her too much even if she asks. Avocados is a high-fat content fruit; it can upset the stomach of a cutie when taken in excess.

Red signals for serving avocados:

This is the most important topic of the discussion, which make our whole session succeed. Just fed the cutie one or two pieces of avocado flesh.

I mean, only avocado flesh. 100 grams of avocado per day can make the best snack time for doggies. The prescribed limit of avocado intake can make our cutie healthy and can provide us it’s healthy signs.

Avocado test for cutie:

When you serve the cutie with avocado flesh for the first time, just provide her half of the prescribed limits. Provide only 100 grams of plain avocado flesh. After serving cutie with avocado flesh, look after her for optimistic results in the next 48 hours.

If cutie doesn’t show any negative reactions, then proceed with avocado flesh as a snack. When cutie shows negative reactions like vomiting, diarrhea, allergies consult a veterinarian nearby.

Warning: Be attentive in limits to avoid negative reactions.

Don’t practice at meal time:

For best results from cutie, avoid serving avocados as meals. The fruit should be provided as supplementary diet to cuties.

Also, avoid using the fruit as a treat in training sessions and for the acceptable behaviors. As the avocados possess, high-fat content cuties may suffer drastic changes in weight.

Bottom Line:

Sure your doubts on the “Can dogs eat avocado?” have been vanished. Let me summarize the points of our discussion buddies.

  • Before serving avocados, peel off skin and remove the pits
  • Serve her only 100 grams per day, if she doesn’t show any negative reactions
  • Then you may proceed plain avocados for snack time
  • The avocado pits, barks, skin, leaves possess persin. Hence they are toxic to cuties and can damage the gastrointestinal tract of our cutie
  • Higher amounts can make the cutie obese, remain in permissible limits even if she asks for more
  • Please avoid in mealtime and training sessions
  • Avoid Guatemalan mixed avocados for serving cuties
  • Only an inch of avocado flesh is enough for puppies
  • Avoid the avocado fruit as a meal and treat

Now you may start the testimony of avocado flesh to your cutie.

Still, if you have queries and suggestions about “Can dogs eat avocado?”, Write a review on the comments, soon will answer your queries buddies!

Thanks for the patience and a coffee session buddies!


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