Can dogs eat celery? Why Celery is Bad for Dogs?

dog eat celery

OMG! Sasha, nowadays you’re too bad! Eating all the ingredients from my kitchen. It’s for preparing the celery sauce, but now what can I do? Even I have doubt that are you a perfect vegetarian? Not, right!

Then why are you stealing all the greens from the kitchen? If at all it’s not good for your health, it will make messy on your healthy body yar, let’s call ASPCA toll free number, to know more!

Thank god! Celery can be taken as a supplement to my Sasha! Also, I forgive you for tasted this herb as it contains more health benefits for you!

I am too excited to share all my experience with Sasha to you folks, so let’s share something about our furry companions health!

Can dogs eat celery? You know, yes, but how much?

Your doggies can eat celery and grab all the benefits of the veggie. But a shocking news is it can produce more stools and diarrhea if overfed.

So be in your limits at least with doggies diet! Here’s one more shocking news for pet friends with diabetic, arthritic, cardiac, cancer friends, your doggie too can eat celery!

The doggie can overcome these health issues as celery returns all these medications and proper dieting to the doggie.

If your doggie is an adult, then readily serve them celery, it can make the friend comfort without any breathing and joint problems. To earn best health benefits from celery, know how much celery is to be served.

How much celery is to be served?

I think you’re aware of the carnivorous behavior of doggie, so you can’t make the celery as a meal to him.

It’s just a supplement, so you can use this veggie as a treat, snack while you’re having the training or play sessions.

Only a piece of celery is enough for the doggies diet even though if its adult. But stop with half of the celery for puppies, it can make your puppies health benefits.

Too much of anything is bad! Also, you have should have some attention while serving the celery veggie to your doggie. Let’s prepare for the doggie’s celery diet!

How to serve the celery on doggies bowl?

Celery is the tough veggie to doggies digestive system, so cut away the stalks for better digestion.

So disappointingly, the celery leaves are not lucky enough to reach our doggies bowl. But, the celery seeds can be mixed up with the doggies meal time, if you’re a bad cook.

I would just slice up the leaves and then serve the stick of raw celeries to my Sasha. That makes her poops fine, without any blockage in her digestive system.

I would recommend the folks also to cut the leaves and serve the celery sticks for better healthy doggies.

Just serve the raw sliced up celeries or go for the celery seeds to mix up in the meal. I would prefer later, as it’s the easy go job for better health benefits.

Also, I don’t want my Sasha to feel discomfort with any blockages in her GI tract.

Benefits of celery:

I have already given some snaps of the celery benefits, but to my folks, I have to explain it little more by getting down to earth for celery benefits. Celery provides

Low-calorie diet, probably only 16 cals

8% vitamin A

5% vitamin B6

2% magnesium

Low sugar level (1.8g)

1.6g of dietary fibre

260mg of potassium

Also, the celery seed or veggie can cure the doggies health and helps them to be comforted. Want to know the aids for doggies health, dig out down.

Aids for doggies health by celery seeds:

I will not tell you all the benefits and boredom you. Just a list of benefits is here for busy caretakers. Celery aids

  • Better breath control
  • Lowers blood sugar level for diabetic doggies
  • Lowers the growth of cancer cells
  • Lowers arthritic pains
  • Controls obesity
  • Maintains the blood pressure for doggies


Still, there are health benefits on celery veggie, but these are the most problematic doggies health issues. So undoubtedly, serve the celery for your doggies, they can pay more than you expect.

You can also mix up the celery seeds with peanut butter in the doggies bowl for making the delicious diet time!

Caution: Supplementary treat not as a supplementary diet!

Even though celery pay more benefits to doggies health, if you pay more celery to doggies, it returns only more stools not the benefits.

So just make the celery seeds mixed in the diet. Maybe a half hand celery seed would be enough for the adult dogs, but the for puppies, only a quarter is enough.

Otherwise, mix with yogurts or peanut to gift it as treat in training or play session. You can serve the celery snack once in two days for the doggies.

A knot in the celery seed bundle!

Hereby, I tightly tie the celery seeds bundle for Sasha’s diet. Sure, my folks also would start aiding the doggies health by celery seeds or sticks.

I would be glad to know that your doggie has been cured of any one of the health issues by serving the celery in any form! Thanks a lot for patiently hearing my views on doggies health!


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