Can Dogs Eat Beets? Will Beet Beat Your Dog or Save His Life?

dog eat beets

Can Dogs Eat Beets? This was my query when I was drinking beet juice after my workout on the morning! But, now I am sure, all about beets and dogs which you will have chaos.

I just thought why can’t I share my experience to all the dog lovers who share all their dining and thoughts to their best companion and so this article emerged!

Without making you dump on the story, I would jump into beets and dogs theme. Hold on! You would get more interesting facts about beet and your dog’s diet!

Can Dogs Eat Beets? Yes, but not necessary!

Dogs can eat beets safely. But, it’s not the mandatory part of your dog’s diet. The dog has more taste buds on their tongue, but still, they don’t need a variety of diet plans. Just a formulated high-quality treat is enough for your dogs.

If your dog is a meat lover, then probably, no veggie or fruit can replace your dog’s diet plan. Veggies and fruits can be your dog’s supplement or snack, but not the whole diet plan.

While coming to beets, dogs love to crunch beet in their salad. You know that beet can bag huge benefits to human health. But, it’s not the same case while dealing with a human companion “Dogs”!

Beets are just as we eat lays or some snack which has null nutritional value for dogs!

Can Dogs Eat Beet cooked or raw?

Dogs can eat beet safely with no chaos. Some veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, beans are safe for dogs, only when they are steamed. But, beets are safe in raw as well as steamed form.

You can prefer raw beets for your dogs. It does not mean that your dog should not eat steamed beetroot cutlet or some other recipes with beet.

You can serve cooked beet to your dog from your dining without any thoughts, but plainly steamed beet with no onions, garlic, and other toxic substances!

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Can Dogs Drink Beet Juice?

Beet juice can be given to dogs with no sugar or artificial sweeteners. But, I would recommend you to hold on to raw beet than juice.

Beet juice is not a safer option while dealing with dogs. Dogs are prone to sudden increase in blood sugar level due to the abnormal diet. So, if you drink beet juice with sugars after a workout, then sure, it’s not the better idea to share your dog!

Just share raw beet by slicing it up! It’s enough for your dog!

Can Dogs Eat Canned Beet?

No! Never! Canned beets are seasoned with sodium. High amounts of sodium used for seasoning beet in cans may affect your dog’s health.

Canned beets can cause sodium poisoning to your dogs. Hence, if you wish to serve beets to your furry companion, then go with raw, steamed or sliced beets, not the canned form!

Don’t take your dog’s life in the form of canned beets. High sodium in your dog’s diet plan may abruptly increase their blood pressure level and breathing rate!

How much beet can dogs eat?

It’s not necessary to serve beets as a part of your dog’s diet plan. You can serve beets then and there as a training treat or evening snack. But, stay at limits. Too much of beet can block the GI tract or may cause diarrhea, vomiting, stomach upsets, change in color of poop.

Just a beet sliced at your dog’s snack bowl is enough to grab the health benefits for your dog. More than a beet can cause negative reactions!

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What kind of beets can dogs eat?

Beets are of many types like sugar, golden and red. We prefer red beets for our diets.

Dogs can eat all types of beets except sugar beets.

Sugar beets contain high amounts of sucrose, which can cause digestive issues and increase in blood sugar to our dogs. So, avoid sugar beets even in traces from your dog’s diet plan.

You can offer sliced, pickled beets to your dog at evening snack or training session. But, don’t make it as a regular practice.

It’s just a crunchy munchy treat for your dog; there is no nutritional value for your dog from beet!

Can Diabetic Dogs Eat Beet?

Diabetic dogs can eat beet, but it’s not safe for their health! Yes, Dogs eat everything. But, beet is not safer option for diabetic dogs. The high sugar level in beet can affect their blood sugar abruptly.

Hence, dog owners must be careful about beets and diabetic dogs. Beet is rich in iron, but in sugar too. So, diabetic dogs must stay away from beets! More particularly with beet juice too!

What happens when dogs eat beets?

Fact is nothing happens! Beet is not a nutritional bag for our dogs. It’s just a crunchy chips in their tongue. Beet should never replace your dog’s diet plan with full of raw meat, chick or any formulated high-quality dog food.

Beet should always be Thanksgiving a treat or lazy Sunday snack for your dog! Beet is a zero nutritional crunch for your dog. So you need not take great risks to peel off the skin and clean beet for your dog’s diet plan.

Just serve beet when you cook or steam for yourself without any seasoning!

How often can dogs eat beet?

Maybe monthly once! Yes, beet can be given to your dogs as a special treat or holiday crunch. Your dog can live without beets in a healthy lifestyle.

So, it’s up to you that you share some with your dog babe!

Sneak peak about beets and dogs!

Dogs can eat beets, but it is not mandatory diet plan for your dog to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can serve raw or steamed beets to your dogs as an evening treat. Avoid canned beets to your dog, as they are seasoned with sodium.

High levels of sodium can cause sodium poisoning in your dog. Serve beets then and there to treat your dog’s taste bud and nothing more than that in the case of colorful beet!

Share beets and stay healthy with your dog!


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