Can Dogs Eat Garlic? Yes or No? Is it dangerous for your puppy? Reveal it!

dogs eat garlic

“Can Dogs Eat Garlic?” Sure, the answer is going to make you shaky and hence please rest on the chair.

When you have surfed the internet for sure, you may have gone through the fact that garlic is toxic for dogs.

But, it is false. Garlic is used for healing the flea and ticks of dogs. Will it be toxic? You are all the way hear and practice that garlic is toxic to dogs and pets. However, now without making you lose your temper, I would straight away give you the answer!

Can Dogs Eat Garlic? Yes, with caution ahead!

Dogs can eat garlic with great preparation methods and caution.

Garlic is one of the allium species and the other veggies like an onion; chives are also toxic to dogs.

Do you think avocado is toxic to dogs? Then, you are wrong! Avocado can boost the dog’s immune system if fed properly. Avocado flesh can do wonders for your dog’s skin and coat health.

In the same way, garlic can boost the dog’s health when served properly. Now your next query is how to serve garlic to your doggy! Here is the right method to serve garlic for your doggy!

How to serve garlic to dogs?

Garlic can benefit your dog’s health only when served in limits and appropriate method.

You must serve only raw garlic clove to your dog by peeling the skin. Take one or two cloves peel the outer skin of garlic and then rest them for 10-15 minutes. You can chop or dice into small pieces.

Make sure to purchase organic garlic to serve your pets. Never serve garlic at large amounts, your doggy will experience red blood cell damage.

The garlic could cause oxidative damage to the RBC and hence give rise to anemia, inflammation of the stomach, bloat and even death without any prior symptoms.

As you leave the garlic in air, the allinn and alliinase combine to form Allicin, and hence it becomes a safe food for dogs. Allicin is the essential enzyme for preventing pet cancer, flea and ticks.

Allicin can evaporate quickly, and hence you must serve the one clove of garlic to your dog without wasting time. Is it safe if your doggy eats this allicin daily?

How often should you serve garlic to your doggy?

Very rare! Maybe once or twice in a month. You can serve garlic only then and there. They are healthy medicines, not foods for your pets in specific.

Many holistic treatments for your dogs include garlic as an ingredient, but they are well seasoned and safe for your dogs.

How to prepare garlic for your dog’s diet?

I would recommend only raw garlic clove after resting for 10-15 minutes.

You can also include the garlic cloves while roasting in the olive oil. Just a flavor of garlic can make your dog healthy and immune.

You can include garlic in your dog’s diet plan by cooking or roasting. But, raw form is more reliable and easy to serve for your canine buddy.

Many pet parents wish to serve garlic in distinct forms like sauce, bread or olive oil. But, you does not know the flavorings of these garlic diets.

Hence it’s safe to feed the garlic in raw form as mentioned above. Why do you want to serve this garlic after this much effort to your doggy? Does this clove of garlic have that much health benefits?

Health hacks from garlic to your doggy

Garlic is known to be a healthy diet for your dogs while served as raw after 10-15 minutes. Allicin in the garlic can do good for your dogs. Allicin in an anti-cancer agent and hence your doggy can be free from cancer, flea or ticks.

Garlic can boost the immune system of your dogs by killing the bacteria, viruses and other infections. Garlic is one of the anti-biotic which can heal rashes, skin allergies, and much more skin problems.

Allicin can prevent cancer and could kill the carcinogens entering into your dog’s body. Garlic roasted in olive oil can cure the ear rashes, infections, on skin.

The mixture reacts well as they are a combination of antibiotic and nutritious oil. Garlic is one of the holistic medicinal veggies which could benefit our furry buddies health as well as human beings. Here is a bag of nutrition from a clove of garlic!

  • 17% Thiamine,
  • 9% Riboflavin,
  • 95% Vitamin B-6,
  • 38% Vitamin C,
  • 18% Calcium,
  • 13% Iron,
  • 80% Manganese,
  • 22% Phosphorous,
  • 12% Zinc.



You can bag these much of health benefits from the single clove. Why not offer some to your furry buddy and prevent him from cancer?

Serve your doggy the garlic in right methods, and sure, you can bag the benefits of health for your doggy!

How much garlic should be fed to your doggy?

Garlic is safe for your dog only when served in limits.

Only one or two cloves of garlic then and there is permissible for your dogs.

Garlic is medicine and hence serve the veggie only in prescribed limits. More than the prescribed limits, garlic can cause anemia, inflammation or bloat issues in their guts.

Garlic will never show any signs if consumed in excess, but after four days, your doggy dies or loses its consciousness. If your doggy shows any lethargy or breathing issues, please consult a vet without wasting time.  It may have consumed garlic in excess without your knowledge.

Also, when you step out of the home, please keep the garlic pot out of reach of your furry baby!

Hence if you believe that you can serve garlic safely to your doggy, then serve them. If you are lazy, then that’s the answer for a million dollar query of “Why Dogs can’t eat garlic?” Otherwise, please don’t share garlic clove to your doggy.

If you have any safe recipes with garlic ingredient to serve dogs, then please make other’s know. Share your recipes on comments page below. Never forget to share the health benefits of garlic to your pet neighbors!


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