Can dogs eat apples? Is It a Poisonous Dog Treat?

dog eat apple

Can dogs eat apples? Are apples good or bad for dogs? The queries are my recent search terms in Google, Yahoo, Bing. I have messed that many people have debates in apples and dogs.

Some of my pet neighbors reveal that apples are safe for dogs and others say that apples are poisonous to dogs. Finally, after spending a lot of my time in many more popular sites,

I came to a conclusion, and I want to share my clear vision of apples and dogs to every pet parent.

I spend a lot of my leisure time with Sasha, and hence I want her to be healthy, fit like me. No matter, if she denies meat and chick diet, Apple can supplement the doggies diet. Now let’s reveal all the secrets behind apples and dogs by analyzing from skin to core of fruit’s

Can dogs eat apples? Yes But, be cautious with poisoning too!

Confusing answer right? Dogs can safely eat apples without any debates and controversies. Apple a day keeps not only human away from doctors but also dogs away from vets.

Dogs are carnivores. However, apples should not replace the entire diet of doggies. You can introduce apples to your doggies diet gradually. Every food and diet in doggies plate need time for digestion and acceptance.

You need not start your doggies meal plan with entire apple. Start with a slice of apple and then make it gradual on an everyday dogs diet plan. But, I warn, you must feed apples only in moderation and prescribed limits as like other fruits and veggies.

Apples are sweeter and hence more in number may increase the blood sugar levels of doggies. Doggies with diabetic, cardiac, arthritis, pancreatitis, panting and other health issues can also intake apples in regular diet.

Many varieties of apples possess low sugar which can be fed to diabetic and other health problems. Now you may have the query that can I give my doggie with granny smith, crab, McIntosh, aurora, Rome, ambrosia or yellow apple? Just choose the best suitable variety of apple for your doggy and proceed with that!

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What kind of apples can dogs eat?

Doggies can eat all kinds of apples without any hassle. Dogs with health issues can eat low-sugar apples, while puppies, normal doggies can intake all kinds of apples in their diet.

You must completely avoid caramel and chocolate dipped apples, as they can cause serious health issues by raising the blood sugar level of doggies.

Dehydrated apples are also restricted for doggies diet even though it provides all the essential nutrients as like fresh apples. The water content required for digestion of food is not available in dehydrated apples. Hence I would recommend you, folks, to avoid dehydrated apples for your doggies.

Here is a poster which depicts the varieties of apples with sugar content level. Pet parents choose your doggies favorite and healthy variety of apple from this poster!

However, you can’t serve the whole apple to your doggy! You must remove some parts of apples so that your doggy can eat them safely. So, let’s discuss how to feed apples for doggies!

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Can dogs eat apple seeds, cores, peels? No

Yeah, of course, your doggy must not consume apple seeds and core as they possess traces of cyanide in the form of Amygdalin. But, apple skin and peels are purely acceptable for your dog’s diet.

Apple is the best and super fruit which provides huge benefits on eating. But, the fact is for doggies pet parents must take care of removing the seeds, core, the pit of apples.

The tiny seeds of one apple may never poison your dog, but the accumulation of Amygdalin on their body to longer periods can cause serious damage to the dog’s health. Allowing your doggie to eat apple seeds, core, the pit is like permitting them to intake slow poison.

While diving into the skin, peels of apple, your doggy can take them without any hassle. Skin of apples is the most important part which provides dietary fiber to your doggy.

Just keep in mind that you should never allow your doggy on the garden with apple trees, as leaves, stem, seeds, the core of apple contains traces of cyanide in the form of Amygdalin.

Sure, you can add slices of apple to your doggy without seeds, core, pit in the regular diet!

Apples are better supplements for older doggies as they need not completely intake protein rich meat, chick, lamb diet. Doggies consuming apple can fill their stomach with dietary fiber present in the fruit. All the health benefits of apple may supplement your dog’s supplementary diet only on prescribed limits. So how much of apples is okay for dogs?The answer is tiny!

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How much apples can dogs eat?

Apples and Dogs are like beetroot and diabetic patients. If consumed in prescribed limits, for sure beetroot may supplement the health of diabetic patients too. But, as the consumption level of beetroot increase, the blood sugar level to increase for diabetic patients.

In the same way, doggies must consume apples only in prescribed limits even though; they are free from diabetes. Apples are rich in sugar content, and hence moderation limits can benefit the doggies health to the most.

Doggies, puppies can intake one apple without seeds, core, and pit. You must not serve your doggy with one whole apple for the very first time. Start your doggies apple diet right from the puppyhood. Maybe from 6 months of birth. Add one slice a week on the routine diet plan of doggies. But, be at one whole apple, not more than that!

Dogs with diabetic, arthritic, pancreatitis, cardiac issues may eat half an apple or two or three slices as suggested by vets. Sure, you must stay in limits with apples for the doggies with certain health issues.

Now you know the fact that you may serve apples to your doggies without seeds, core, and pit at the prescribed limits. Can you try any recipes on Apple ingredients? Sure! But, you should prepare them, especially for your dogs!

How to serve apples for your doggies diet plan?

On the marathon world, we could not spend enough time even with our family members. But, the pet parents will always find time to spend their leisure hours with doggies.

Obviously, for doggies good behavior and tasks, pet parents must praise them with some delicious treats. Why not you practice Apple as a treat for your doggy in distinct, delicious, divine apple recipes?

Here are the simple apple recipes which you can make it on your own for doggies!

Apple sauce or juice

Slice two or three apples without seeds, core, pit and peel for apple sauce. Add one or two spoons of honey and water. A pinch of cinnamon applesauce can also be fed to your doggy. But, be at limits in adding cinnamon on apple sauce which is fed to your doggy.

Leave them rest for half an hour and then cook them at high temperature. Once the cooked apple gets smashed into the sauce, you can cool them and serve it as your doggy’s delicious apple diet. You can add applesauce meat or chick diets to make it delightful.

Apple juice is prepared in the same way as a sauce. Slice up two or three apples without seeds, core, pit but not skin.

If you desire to remove peels, then go ahead, but skin need not be removed to prepare apple juice. Add a spoon of honey and milk to mix them in a juicer. All done your doggies healthy liquid diet is ready!

Apple Salad

Many pet parents will prepare healthy and tasty homemade snacks for doggies. If you are one among the crew, then you can add apple salad as Eve snack to your doggy. You need not spend huge dollars to preserve your doggie’s health. The cheap, delicious fruits does the work.

You can prepare a best healthy snack of fruits with apple, banana, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, carrots, cranberries, oatmeal, but do not add caramel, chocolate, almonds.

You can mix a distinct variety of apples like Gala, Ambrosia, Aurora, Mcintosh, Fuji, Green, Granny Smith, Yellow apples. But, please avoid dehydrated apples as they lack water content which helps in dogs digestion.

You can enjoy the festive dinner with your doggy with the divine apple diet. But, don’t allow your doggy to roam garden and eat all the apples they want. Doggies must consume only prescribed limits of Apple on their diet.

Why do you need to take this much risks on an apple diet for doggies? Due to the health benefits!

Benefits of apple on dogs diet

Apples are a super food for a human to purify the blood vessels. But, for doggies, the anti-oxidants present in apple flesh can purify doggies teeth too. You need not brush your dog daily to make their teeth clean white.

Add an apple on your doggies snack to whiten their teeth. Once in a week or month, you can wash and brush your doggy. I know my Sasha is cute on brushing, but I couldn’t afford my time on brushing her teeth daily. Instead, I have practiced apple diet right from her puppyhood.

Apple pays dietary fiber and helps in dogs digestive problems. On eating apples, dogs may produce loose stools, but it’s not a big deal. As the dogs eat fruits and veggies, your doggy will obviously produce loose stools, but don’t let them as it is if they have diarrhea.

Doggies with diabetic, arthritic, pancreatitis, cardiac issues can also intake apples for better digestion, but at strict limits, as suggested by vets.

Older doggies must not eat meat and chick diets too much as they could not digest them properly. This goes well for puppies. The dogs in generic have under-developed digestive system while pups, old dogs have the most.

Puppies can eat apples after 6 months from birth for better digestion of foods. Old dogs can take the apples as supplementary diet on the everyday meal.

Doggies with panting and breath problems can regularly intake apples to improve their health and immune system. Apples are rich in Vitamin C,  and other minerals.

Now let’s watch the chart of health benefits to your doggy with the single apple!

Calories 52%
carbohydrates 13.81g%
Sugar 10.3g%
Vitamin C6%
Thiamine 1%
dietary fiber 2.4g%
Fat 0.2g%
Riboflavin 2%
Phosphorous 2%
Potassium 2%
Vitamin B63%
folate 1%

Will you leave the super food with this much benefits from your doggies diet? I would never!

I would offer one apple every day to my doggy. You need not add apple to your doggies every meal, but one for a day.

Once, if your doggy accepts apple in the testimony gradually increase the amounts of apple slices in doggies diet. But, if they deny them with negative reactions like diarrhea, vomiting, stomach upset, then probably your doggy must have taken seeds, core or pit of apple.

Try again after removing the seeds, core, the pit of apples.

Sometimes, it happens doggies take too much of apples without the knowledge of pet parents. What should you do if your doggy eats too much of apples?

First aid for apple poisoning

If your doggy ate too much of apples from your backyard without your knowledge, then you must, of course, take them to vet.

In case, if you can’t call or contact your vet, you may proceed with some first aid methods to induce vomiting.

Take 3% of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with water. For every 10lbs of your dog weight add 1 ml of hydrogen peroxide mixture to your doggy for inducing vomit.

1ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide/10lbs of dogs to induce vomiting.

You can also utilize activated charcoal to induce vomiting on doggies. Mix a tablespoon of charcoal with water and allow your doggy to drink.

Wait for 10-15 minutes, so that your doggy shows any reactions. Otherwise, you can add some more water to your doggy with charcoal or hydrogen peroxide.

Sure, the doggy would response to the medications and digests the seeds, cores, pits of apples if eaten.

Basket of apples and dogs

I am cool that I have cleared all your queries that can I give my dog apples, are apples safe for dogs, whether can I give my dog apples without skin or seeds, cores and much more.

Dogs can eat apple safely in their routine diet without seeds, cores, a pit which can help whiten teeth, prevent breath and digestion problems.

Start feeding your doggies with apples and experience the healthy lifestyle with your doggy!

People also ask for

Can dogs have applesauce?

Why not your doggy too add some delicious side dish to their chick and meat? Dogs can have applesauce. But, you should serve only the applesauce prepared at home especially for your dogs. The commercial applesauce may contain added sugars, and hence it may increase the blood sugar levels of doggy.

You can follow the simple steps provided in the article to prepare applesauce for your doggies. No problem, your diabetic doggies too can eat applesauce. But, add honey in prescribed limits.

Can dogs eat caramel apples?

No! Never! Caramel apples are dangerous to dogs. They are prepared by dipping the apples into caramel rolls and nuts. The caramel apples are just a whole fruit poison for your doggy!

Caramel is prepared from chocolates and adding nuts is extremely dangerous to your dog’s life. Hence you must avoid caramel apples to your dog’s diet.

Can prairie dogs eat apples?

Prairie dogs can also enjoy apples without seeds, core, and pit for the betterment of health. They are cute and unique dog breeds which can stand out and straight among dog breeds.

Prairie dogs can enjoy a variety of fruits and veggies. Hence it’s better to feed apples, bananas, carrots, broccoli and other mixed salads.

Can dogs eat dried or dehydrated apples?

Dried apples can provide all the vitamins and nutrients as fresh apples. But, the dried apples lack in water content, which helps in digestion of foods. Hence, I would recommend only fresh sliced apples without seeds, core and pit than dehydrated apples.

Can dogs eat cooked apples?

Of course, dogs can eat cooked apples. You will obviously prepare applesauce by cooking. But, serving the apple fresh pays more than cooked forms.

Fresh apples retain the vitamins, minerals, nutrients in the original forms while cooked apples may vaporize these facts. Dogs too love fresh apples than cooked due to the aroma.

Can dogs eat apples for their breath?

Dogs with breath problems can intake apples. Apples serve as teeth whitening agents for dogs, and they clean up the dirt on gums of teeth. The clearance in teeth with no blockages can help your doggy breath better.

Many researchers reveal the fact that apples can solve panting and breath problems of dogs. Hence you can serve your doggy apples daily!

My dogs eat apples straight from the tree all summer long seeds in all. What can happen to them?

The dogs eating apples straight from the tree can have serious digestive issues if they intake a huge number of apples. One apple from the tree doesn’t matter. But more than two apples may produce loose stools, diarrhea, vomiting, blockage of digestive tracts.

Watch your doggy on summer while allowing them to the backyard. If you find that your doggy has taken so much of apple seeds, core, pit, stem, leaves of the tree, then try inducing vomit by utilizing hydrogen peroxide or activated charcoal as directed in the article.

Can dogs eat apple cider vinegar?

No! You must not serve apple cider vinegar to your doggy. They contain a high amount of sodium which could apparently increase the blood pressure levels of dogs.  You can use the apple cider vinegar as an ailment for flea or itchy skin and clean ears of dogs.

Can dogs eat apple chips?

Apple Chips? A sweet smelling chemical for your dogs! Apple chips may contain added salt which can harm your doggy by increasing the blood pressure levels. Some apple chips may contain onion, garlic, roasted flavors which are completely unacceptable for your dogs! The doggies may seek for apple chips from you, but be aware that dogs may suffer after tasting the apple chips!

Can dogs eat crab apples?

Don’t allow your doggy to eat crab apples as they may contain some vermin infections, seeds, core, and pit. You must serve apples to your dogs only after removing the seeds, core, and pit. However, traces of seeds will not harm your doggy, but accumulation matters!

Avoid crab apples to your dogs!

Can dogs eat apples daily?

Dogs can eat apples daily. Apples are not harmful when you remove the seeds, core, and pit. They are super fruit for dogs too. Instead of brushing your dog’s teeth daily, you can feed them apples to whiten their teeth, improve immunity, prevent panting and breath problems. But, stuck at the prescribed limits diet for doggies!

Never forget to tell your recipes on the comments page below! As many pet parents like you are searching for delicious, divine recipes for their dogs!


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