Can Dogs Eat Plums? Are Plums Dangerous to your dog babe? “S”Pit out!

dog eat plums

Hey! Vendor, could you give me a pack of plums on this fresh morning?

YES! I am a great plum lover and eating plums at the morning leash walk makes me refreshing and hence, I thought of buying some plums for my home!

Every pet parent will now agree with me!

Ohh! God my home includes my Sasha too!

Yes! Now, we all have the query whether “Can dogs eat plums safely?”

I swear:

We all will get into the same solution!

Ok! Let’s Google, Yahoo, “Can Dogs Eat Plums?”

Answer is ….!

Let’s “s”pit out the answer about plums to our dog babe!

Can Dogs Eat Plums? Smile like plums!

Dogs can eat plums without any arguments.  But, with some precautions!

Eating any fruit is not dangerous or hazardous to your dog babe, but there are some precautions as well as limitations.

Some fruits like grapes, raisins can be extremely dangerous to our dog babe, but worry not!

Plums are safe!

Your dogs are allowed to eat plums with some precautions and restrictions. If you follow these limitations, of course, your dog babe will bag benefits from plums!

Can dogs eat plum pit, stones? A Big NOO!

Not only, plums no fruits pit or stones should be fed to your dog babe!

If you really care:

Then, please remove the pit, stone or core of any fruit before you serve your dog babe.

You may think that the plum stone is smaller in size and hence your dog babe can digest them.

But, remember:

Your dog babe is not designed in such a way.

Dogs have a simpler digestive system, and hence they are unable to eat plums with pits, stone.

Also, plums with pits can choke your dog’s digestive system, disrupt the gastrointestinal tract, can damage the oesophagus of dog babe.

Hence, I strictly advice you to remove the pits, stone of plum before serving your dog babe!

Now, you have a query that, “Can dogs eat plums without a pit?” YES, OF COURSE!

Just serve plum flesh without pits to your dog babe! It’s perfectly safe for dogs!

You’re right folks!

Is it good or bad for dogs to eat plums? GOOD!

Plums are undoubtedly good for dog’s health if precautions and limitations are followed!

Plums are safe for dogs to eat! So there is no danger or hazardous to dog babe’s health.

The limits are prescribed as plums are rich in natural sugar. Too much of sugar ingestion in dog babe’s body will abruptly raise the blood sugar level.

Hence, its advised to stop plums are limitations!

Now, you may ask me, “Can diabetic dogs or dogs affected with kidney problems eat plums?”

Yes, but at minimal!

How many plums can dogs eat? One or Two!

Plums should be maintained at a minimum level. Plums can be served as a training treat or evening snack.

You can also serve plums as a topping for their meals. But, not as a meal.

Probably, you guys would have understood the consequences of abrupt raise in sugar level of dogs. Hence, you would step back, while serving plums or any other fruits for your dog babe.

Still, FYI:

Too much of sugar in your dog’s diet will raise their blood sugar level abruptly, hence will reach vet’s place!

Moreover, plums are rich in fiber, so too much of plums can make your dog babe visit the vet’s place.

Be at limits, so that your dog babe will bag the appropriate benefits of plums!

Now that you may think, “What happens when dogs eat plums?”

Health benefits of plums for dog babe! Spread your hands!

Plums are delicious, juicy fruits which will be a great treat in hot summer. Plums are made up of 87% water, and hence, it cools down your dog babe at summer.

Moreover, plums can be given to dogs for maintaining hydration levels on them. Plums are a better choice when your dog babe is on some agility or sports training to keep them hydrated.

Plums should be served as treats, which will keep them hydrated as well as strong. As plums are rich in Vitamin C, they can boost your dog babe’s immune system.

Just look at the nutritional benefits of plums for your dog babe!

Without thinking too much, just serve plums as at least toppings to boost your dog babe’s immune system.

Your dog babe can taste the plums even if they have diabetes, arthritis, pancreatitis or kidney issues!

Plums are like apricots, peaches, apples and other fruits. It’s safe when you remove the core, pit, stone.

Your dog babe can eat all kinds of plums like cherry, red, yellow, purple but not dried, pitted, unriped plums.

Dried plums may be concentrated in sugar whereas unriped plums may contain hazardous ingredients.

You guys know, why “no” to pitted plums!

I am sure:

I don’t dare to kill your lovely dog babe!

Being a pet parent, I know how a pet parent loves their dog babe!

Just go with ordinary plums than dried, pitted or unriped one. Try to avoid them!

Let’s “s”pit out pit from plums for our dog babe!

Conclusion on plums and dogs!

Dogs can eat plums without any harm or hazardous circumstances with some precautions and limitations. Dogs are allowed to eat plums without pits as a treat or evening snack.

Plums will boost your dog babe’s immune system as they are rich in vitamin C, K. Moreover, plums can be used for hydrating your dog babe after hard agility or sports training sessions.

Just go on with plums for leash walk on this eve and enjoy the freshness!

Never miss to share the moments of leash walking with your dog babe, plums in the comments box!


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