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Welcome to health & nutrition park of Dogbabe! You can raise your lovely dog with great healthy, nutritious guides. We guide you through the fresh veggies, fruits, recipes which are 100% dog-friendly. Our diet plans will always raise your dog’s immunity as well as health.

We do not emphasize on commercial dog treats all the time, you can also share some of the human foods, veggies, fruits, meat to your dog. Here we go! Don’t seek the help of vet’s all the time! We are here to guide you in emergencies and usual time!

You can consult us for any suggestions related to health & nutrition in free of cost!

Human food for dogs

Dogs love tasty treats. But, pet parents love to serve healthy, nutritious treats to their lovely dogs. Both are right in their perspective. But, we want to chill both of you with our guidance. We satisfy both of you and will give a delicious, divinity in daily foods of dogs!

Steal our delicious diet plan for dogs which would make your dog’s lifestyle unique!


Every creature in this world loves fruit. Why not give these juicy, fresh, pulpy fruits to our dogs? Find what fruits can be given to your dog and serve your dog a juicy treat!

Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe? No doubt that it is a juicy, pulpy refreshing treat in this hot summer. But, is it safe for our dogs? Stop now and search for an answer to save your dog!

Can Dogs Eat Blueberries? Never add ingredients to your dog’s food bowl in the form of fruit salads without knowing is it safe! The truth behind juicy blueberries on dog’s diet may freak you. Know the truth and then decide!

Can Dogs Eat Apples? Apples are always a matter of conflict while concerned with dog’s diet plan. Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Will it keep your dogs vet away? It’s still a “?”. Reveal the complete answer here!

Can Dogs Eat Avocado? Avocado is a healthy fruit. But, sure, you have been practiced or preached that avocado is toxic to dogs. But, the real fact will surprise you! Dare to know the surprise of avocado in your dog’s diet plan!

Can Dogs Eat Oranges? This is the query on your mind when you peel off the skin in front of your dog. Oranges are juicy, pulpy, vitamin C rich fruits, but will dog eat that safely. Reveal it! You can save the life of a diabetic dog!

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? This is the great query on everyone’s mind on this hot summer! Even our dogs require enough amount of hydration on this summer. Will these cucumbers provide hydration or will dehydrate our dog’s life? Detect it now!

Can Dogs Eat Grapes? Before answering this question, you must be sad! Grapes are tasty, but it takes the life of your dogs. Know the safety measures and save your dog from eating grapes!

Are bananas good for dogs? Bananas help digestion of humans, but it’s a questionnaire for dogs. We must be clear that bananas are safe or toxic to dogs. Before serving bananas, you must know some facts! Bang here and know the facts of bananas on your dog’s bowl!

Can dogs eat olives? What are the health benefits of olives regarding dog’s diet? Will it improve your dog’s coat? Which olive is better for dogs? Reveal all about olives and dogs!

Can dogs eat Pineapple? Is this a billion-dollar query running on your mind? You may also have chaos whether pineapple for dogs will revolt eating their poops. You will find answers for all the pros and cons of pineapple diet for dogs in this post folks!

Can Dogs Eat Grapefruit? Is grapefruit toxic as grapes for dogs? If grapefruit is safe for dogs to eat, can they eat seeds, rind of grapefruit? Peel out everything about dogs and grapefruit now!

Can Dogs Eat Papaya? Do you think this superfood will be poisonous to your furry friend? You must know facts about dogs and papayas before eating it in front of your furry friend without sharing even some slices! Peel off your papaya to serve your dogbabe some juicy snacks!


Veggies are great for human health, and it pays more to our health than we pay in grocery shops. In generic, vegetables have tough skin. Vegetables can be tough to be digested by the dog’s digestive system. Still, many veggies can pay better nutritional benefits to your dogs. Just dig it out from this page!

Can dogs eat garlic? Garlic has bags of medicinal benefits for a human! But, is this medicinal benefit same for dogs? Will garlic turn into poison for your dog? Save your dog and serve him good!

Can Dogs Eat Green Beans? You know that green beans can keep you fit and healthy. Is this fact suits well for your dog too? You can’t feed it raw. Then how to feed! Reveal the truth and peel off the skin!

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? Never produce cortisol in your dining sessions. Just click here and share tomatoes with your dog! But, stop here to find how to serve tomatoes to dogs!

Can Dogs Eat Onions? Is this your eager query? Then you must be sad while knowing the right answer about dogs and onions! Reveal the secret behind the onion tears and your dog’s diet!

Can Dogs Eat Carrots? This may be a better query if your dog needs vitamin A and becomes an adult. As dogs grew older, they lack nutrition. Carrots can serve as a remedy for your dog’s most common behavioral syndrome too. Find out and serve dogs!

Can Dogs Eat Potatoes? Fry these crispy, spicy, veggies for your dog’s Thanksgiving day diet plan. But know how to prepare for your dogs! Even preparation of potatoes in the wrong manner can kill your dog! Save your dog!

Can dogs eat beets? Beets are safe for human, but is it safe for our companions? Will beet pay your dog for a healthy life or let him go down? Reveal about your dog and beets here!

Seeds & Legumes

Seeds and legumes are a healthy options for humans. But do they pay health benefits for dogs? Won’t they stuck into the dog’s GI tract? Reveal all the answers about seeds and legumes diet for your dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Peanuts? Whether dogs can eat their skin or need to peel off before they eat? Shall we steam the peanuts to serve dogs? You can find answers to these queries in this stop!

Dairy Products

Dairy Products are yummy and make us healthy, refreshed. But, many dogs are lactose intolerant. Still, dogs accept dairy products with great love and desire. You can’t serve the dairy products as humans eat. For dogs, you must take special care in limits as well as methods. Know your limits here!

Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream? Are you just near Starbucks store for purchasing whipped cream? You can also buy Puppiccino whipped cream for your dog? Just know whether can you share with your dog!

Can Dogs Eat Cheese Safely? It’s a query which provokes you when you have breakfast with bread and cheese in front of your dog. Choose the best cheese for your dog with low sugar, sodium, and much more composition. Know much more about cheese diet for dogs!


Dogs are carnivores, and sure you must completely know about each and every meat. Here is the complete guide on how to feed meat diets to your dogs! Start making delicious recipes for your dogs!

Can Dogs Eat Fish? Some say that fish is toxic to dogs. But it can be a nutritious, healthy diet option for dogs.  There are some restrictions for feeding fishes to your dogs. You can’t feed all types of fish; you must serve only certain types. Know which type of fish you can serve! Serve safe and healthy!

Can Dogs Eat Salmon fish? You can’t serve anything named as fish. Only short-lived fishes can be safe for dogs. You can be safe when you serve salmon in certain limits and methods. Know it before you serve your dogs! There is a threat to salmon, serve your dogs from it!

Can Dogs Eat Bacon? Bacon is the lazy men’s breakfast on holidays and weekends. Will it be safe for dogs? Will the seasoning, processing can affect dogs health? Reveal all the answers, right now!

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? You know the fact that dogs love juicy meat. But, is this fresh juicy seafood good for your dog to eat? Salmon is good for your dog, but shrimp? Here come answers and guides about your dog’s shrimp diet!

Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices cause great aroma in our cooking. Will the aroma last for our dogs? Herbs and spices have tough skin and coat. Can dogs digest these herbs and spices? Reveal all these answers in this section!

Can Dogs Eat Celery? Will celery help for digestion in dogs? Is celery is to be served with leaves or should cut-off while serving for dogs? Reveal all the celery diet secrets for your dog here!

Is cinnamon bad for dogs? Then, how can I share cake, bread made of cinnamon to my lovable dog? These are the queries in your mind during birthday parties or some breakfast with cinnamon bread! We answer all these queries in prior! Know it and share it!


Further queries on diet plans of dogs, which do not fall into any of the above categories are explained in this section. Please don’t leave it unnoticed; this is much more important to save your dogs!

Is popcorn bad for dogs? This is the ping which runs on our mind when we eat popcorn on Saturday nights when we watch a movie with our dogs. Is it safe for dogs to eat popcorn? How much is to be served? Which flavor your dog loves? All the answers are right here dude!

Can Dogs Eat Brown Rice? Will it cause digestive issues or blockage in GI tract for dogs? You may be surprised to know about the nutritional health benefits of brown rice to your dog! Surprise your dog with a healthy diet!

Why do dogs eat their poops? This is the million dollar question which every dog owner has! But, still, there is a better remedy from here! Know it and make your dog well-behaved!

Can Dogs Eat Prunes? Can dogs eat Prunes safely without any harm? How to serve prunes to your dog babe? Fresh, dries or seasoned? Reveal all about dogs and prunes before sharing some to your dog babe! Save your dog from harm!

Can Dogs Eat Tofu? Is this coagulated soy milk safe for your dog to eat? Will this bean curd make your dog sick? Find answers to all your chaos about dogs and tofu diet on this post!


In this section you will learn more about beverages which is suitable for dogs.

Can dogs sip cheers of Gatorade for the same purpose as like human? Will Gatorade help your dog to rehydrate? If yes, which flavors are best for dog’s consumption? How often can you serve Gatorade to your dog babe? Find out!

Processed Foods

In this section you will learn more about processed foods which is suitable for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Cheerios? Is it safe if you share some of this morning snack to your dog? Will the flavors of Cheerios favor your dog babe’s healthy diet? Reveal all the facts about dogs and Cheerios diet!

Can Dogs Eat French Fries? Are these oily, salty, fatty French fries are safe for our dogs? If it is safe, can we feed homemade or Mc Donald’s French fries? If no, what is a better supplement? Dig it out from the ground!