Can Dogs eat Tomatoes? Spicy diet for your tommy!

dog eat tomatoe

“Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?” Is this your query on dining right now? Yes, if not you would not type these queries on Google or Yahoo for answers. It’s not the big deal that you think to share all your foods with the canine companion.

You can’t share anything with your canine as some of the human foods are extremely dangerous to your furry buddies.

Now as you surf online, you would have found many descriptions that dogs should not eat tomatoes or tomatoes are toxic to dogs. But, the fact is they want your canine to be safe and risk-free.

You’re clever. Your dogs can eat tomatoes. But, with some precautions and warning in limits, preserving methods. Yes, do you know avocado can be healthy to your dog. Dogs can eat avocado flesh for better skin with no allergies then and there.

Do you think I’m crazy? Not at all. Even ASPCA suggests the fact that dogs can eat avocado flesh but not other parts of the tree. In the same way, dogs can eat tomatoes. But, the thing is how you serve tomatoes to your dogs.

Let me guide you with dogs and tomatoes questionnaire!

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? Why not? Dogs do love tomatoes!

Dogs can eat tomatoes. But, only fresh tomato fruits. Yes, you should not feed unripe, green tomatoes to your dogs. They may be toxic to your doggy.

If you have bushes of tomatoes in your garden, then please don’t unleash lovable furry buddy in your absence. It does not mean that you should not include tomatoes to your tommy, but should not allow them to consume vines, stem, leaves or unripe tomatoes.

The tomato contains tomatine which is toxic substance found in unripe, stem, vine, leaves of tomato plants. However, if your doggy eats red ripe tomatoes from your dining it does not affect your doggy. But, the doggy should stand within limits.

Yes, too much of tomatoes can upset your doggies stomach or show excessive sleep, lose stool production, drool, changes in behavior, weakness, morning sickness, panting or skin allergies. Hence serve only one or two tomatoes to your doggy depending on their size, weight, and age.

Now can you cook or buy some canned tomatoes to your doggy. Let’s dig it out!

Can Dogs Eat fresh or canned tomatoes?

I would always recommend fresh deep red ripe tomatoes for your doggy from the local supermarket.

If you have a garden of tomato bushes, then pick only deep red tomatoes for your doggy. As the tomatoes ripe, the levels of tomatine reduces in the fruit. Hence it becomes digestible by the dog’s digestive system.

You need not purchase canned tomatoes to serve delicious treat to your doggies.

Just boil the fresh red tomatoes to your doggy. Just serve tomatoes as treat or snack to your furry buddy, don’t replace the tomatoes on their meal bowl.

Serve tomatoes as just treat or snack for your doggies. I would always suggest only fresh red tomatoes for your doggies. Now can you cook distinct recipes on tomatoes to your doggies? Or to serve as raw? Let me explain!

Can Dogs Eat cooked tomatoes? How to prepare tomatoes for your dogs?

Dogs can eat cooked tomatoes. You may serve cooked tomatoes rather than provide fresh tomatoes. Because it can remove all the harmful chemicals from the tomatoes and hence your doggy can be in the comfort zone. You need not fry the tomatoes to make a great gravy or some other recipe.

Just boil the tomatoes or steam them. It becomes the perfect snack for your doggy if your pick is tomato for the eve snack. Also, please avoid commercial tomato sauce for your doggy as it can contain other harmful veggies like onion, garlic to add spiciness.

You can prepare tomato sauce in your home to serve tomato side dish to your doggy. Just steam the tomatoes to form a pulp and then mash them up. You are ready with tomato sauce for your doggy. Let me tell you in detail how to make tomato recipes for your tommy!

Can your doggy eat tomato sauce or soup?

Dogs can eat tomato sauce or soup. But, avoid serving commercial tomato sauce or soup to your doggy. Commercial sauce or soup may contain onion, garlic or some other forbidden dog treats.

Hence please avoid commercial dog treats if possible. You can easily make tomato sauce or soup with these directions. Here we go!

Tomato Sauce

Slice two or three tomatoes and then add honey, water. You can add up to your doggies taste.

Smash the ingredients and leave them for 30 minutes, let the ingredients mix and settle down.

After smashing the tomatoes, honey, and water, cook them in high temperature. The tomatoes will turn into pulp, and the ingredients will make a gravy.

Leave the bowl to cool. As the tomato sauce cools, serve your doggy with evening treats. Here is the homemade tomato sauce for your doggy!

Tomato soup

Slice the tomatoes and make it pulp or juicy with a juicer. Try making the tomato juicy without any scraps. Then add butter in a pan and then toast bread slices. One or two bread slices is enough. Make sure to remove the bread cramps, before toasting.

Add some cheese and then pour the tomato juice to make damp gravy. Add a pinch of salt to make the taste. Stir the soup for a while until it becomes thick a little bit. If your doggy loves spices, then powder peppermint and add it to the soup.

You can also add some capsicum if your doggy loves the taste. Slice the capsicum and add it like carrots. In many tomato soup recipes, they will direct you to add corn flour, but you must know the fact that corn or any other grains are harmful to dogs.

Hence just add capsicum or pepper powders to the pinch and serve the tomato soup. Add the toasted bread slices in the bowl and serve your tommy with tomato soup.

You can also add tomatoes in the salads you serve your doggy. Do you want to remove the tomato pulps before doing these tasty treats for your doggy? No Chaos! I will vanish the queries!

Can Dogs Eat tomato pulp?

Yes, of course, you can add tomato pulp to your dog’s diet. Dogs can eat tomato pulp safely.

Also, the tomato pulps include lycopene, an antioxidant which helps to cure cancer. Hence tomatoes can be a better treat if your doggy suffers from pet cancer. You need not peel off the pulp while serving tomatoes to your doggy.

Tomato pulp is good for your doggie’s health too. Many pets die due to pet cancer, and many insurance agencies reveal that most of the insurance claimed on pets are due to cancer. Hence treat your doggy with tomato recipes to prevent pet cancer.

Why dogs can’t eat tomatoes?

Dogs can eat tomatoes. But, they can’t eat tomatoes. Yes, confusing! Let me rephrase the sentence to clear your doubts.

Dogs can eat red, ripe tomatoes, but they can’t eat unripe, green tomatoes, stem, vine, and their leaves. The tomato plants contain toxic substances like Tomatine, Solanine, Atropine which may intoxicate your doggy.

As the tomatoes are ripe, these toxic substances vanish and are seen only in traces. Dogs can eat tomatoes in ripe, deep red stages. But, some pet parents ignore the tomatoes as they can’t serve them properly by removing the stems, leaves, and boiling.

Dogs can eat tomatoes if served properly by steaming or cooking. Hence make sure that you remove stems, vine, leaves of tomatoes and serve only ripe, deep red tomatoes to your furry buddy.

Some blogs may tell you that not to serve tomatoes, but they just stay in the risk-free comfortable zone. They just don’t want to get curses from you by hurting your doggies stomach.

I assure you, if you serve the tomatoes for your doggies in prescribed methods and limits, it benefits your doggie’s health.

How many tomatoes can be served to dogs?

Dogs can eat tomatoes in moderation.

One or two tomatoes is enough for your doggy to meet the nutrition requirements from tomato. Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Now, many pet parents who have adopted a born pup also have queries that can puppy eat tomatoes?. They can’t resist their dining to be served with their furry buddies.

Happy news for you too! Puppies can also eat tomatoes without any debates. But serve within limits. Don’t serve two or three tomatoes to your pup.

Serve only one or half of the tomato in cooked or steamed manner. Remove all the toxic substances like stem, vine, leaves from the tomatoes and make sure not to give tomatine, solanine, atropine substances to your doggy.

Now, you know the fact that your dogs can eat tomatoes. But, what can your dog benefit from them? Here are quick medicinal facts of tomatoes.

Health benefits of tomatoes

Tomatoes can be a healthy treat to your doggy with tons of nutrients and vitamins required for metabolism. But, if your doggy has diabetes, arthritis or joint pain, please ignore tomatoes for your dog’s diet plan.

Tomatoes can increase the joint or arthritic pain in dogs and hence it’s better to avoid tomatoes from these dogs diet plan. Tomatoes are low-calorie diet and hence if your doggy is in a fitness program, then sure, you may include tomato in their diet.

If your doggy is normal, then they can bag these benefits from these juicy, spicy tomatoes. Now bullet shots of nutrient bags for your doggy!

  • 18 calories,
  • 6% potassium,
  • 16% Vitamin A,
  • 22% Vitamin C,
  • 5% Vitamin B-6,
  • 1% Calcium,
  • 1% Iron,
  • 2% Magnesium,
  • 4% dietary fiber,
  • 1% protein,
  • 3% of Phosphorous.

Sure, you would never lose these health benefits for your doggy from a single, spicy, juicy red fruit. Tomatoes are good for your doggy as like many other vegetables and fruits while fed in moderation.

You can also prepare some healthy salad with cucumbers, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, cherries, blueberries, apples, cantaloupe and much more with tomatoes. Tons of nutrients can be loaded to your doggy with this veggies salad. But, be at limits in veggies diet!

As your doggy is canine, it’s obvious that too much of veggies diet can upset their stomach or produce lose stools. Hence be at limits while feeding meals to your doggies.

A salad with tomatoes and dogs

Finally, let me summarize the theme of the article tomatoes and dogs.

Dogs can eat tomatoes safely without any harm by removing the leaves, stem, vines of tomato bush. Never allow your doggy to wander through the garden with too much of tomato plants.

You can share your tomato dishes to your doggy if it has no onion, garlic, chocolate or any other forbidden foods or dogs. You can also share the ripe tomato juice to your doggy on summer days.

Tomatoes can strengthen the bones and tissues of a human. But, how far can dogs benefit from tomatoes be still a top mystery! However, the tomatoes are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from which your doggy can be healthy.

Try some tomato ketchup, sauce or salad recipes in the home for your doggies. They may feel great if you share some of the veggies with the furry buddies. Share the dining and show your love!

If you have some more queries, please put them in the comment box. I am here to answer all your dog related queries!

People also ask for

Many of the pet parents always ask many queries regarding tomatoes and dogs. Some of the common queries are answered below! Please have a look; you may have this query!

Can Diabetic dogs eat tomatoes? or can my dog with arthritis, joint pain eat tomatoes?

Dogs with diabetic, arthritic, joint pain must avoid tomatoes on their diet. The substances in tomatoes can inhibit the required calcium intake required for your doggies. Hence please avoid tomatoes from the doggies diet if they have these health issues.

Can eating tomatoes hurt dogs?

Not at all! If your doggy eats tomatoes in moderation, sure it will not hurt your doggy. Tomatoes can benefit your doggie’s health and improve the vital nutrients, vitamins, bone strength. Also, the lycopene, an antioxidant can prevent cancer on your doggies.

Always, moderation in veggies diet can benefit your dog. Tomato is neither a fruit nor a veggie. However, tomato benefits your dog’s health.

How often can you serve tomatoes to your dog?

Tomatoes must be served as treat or snack, but not the meal. As usual, as like all veggies, tomatoes must be served in moderation then and there. Maybe once in a week, you can serve twice or thrice any form of tomato diet. I would recommend you to pick simple, steamed tomato for your dog’s diet plan.

What happens when dogs eat tomatoes?

Nothing more than health bags. Your doggy gets only vitamins, nutrients, minerals on consuming tomatoes. Every dog is distinct on its aspect. Hence please make a testimony before serving tomato diets to your doggy. Some dogs may react in a distinct way; they may get diarrhea, stomach upset, drooling, excessive sleep, morning sickness, panting. Hence be sure about your doggie’s health and tomatoes.

Can dogs eat dried tomatoes?

Dogs can’t eat dried tomatoes. As dried tomatoes lack water content, it can block the GI tract of your doggy. Hence go with rice, tomato sauce, gravy or some other recipes.

Try serving fresh, ripe tomatoes in prescribed limits to your doggy. Avoid tomatoes for diabetic, arthritic, joint pain dogs.


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