Can dogs eat cucumbers? Are Cucumbers Good or Bad for Dogs?


Oh! It’s too hot; I can’t bear the heat of the sun! How could my Sasha bear? Her ambient body temperature is to be maintained in summer too!

I have to take care of my doggie’s diet with juicy veggies like watermelon, cucumber, lemon, zucchini and so on. Let me start with my favorite facial fitness fruit cucumber.

I am very happy about cucumber in summer, why not my Sasha? Let me try the cucumber with skin in her food bowl. Wow! Sasha very good, you accept the peels too.

Ya, of course, my Sasha readily admits the cucumber with its peels. But I don’t dare to give the leaves of cucumber in her bowl.

So, I thought that all pet parents could serve their doggie with cucumber without any too much of mess up. Let’s know the secrets between dogs and cucumbers!

Can dogs eat cucumber safely?

Yes, buddies, cucumbers is the non-toxic and safe food for doggies which is approved by ASPCA. As we can slice it readily and give them, there is not a great fuss in serving this healthy stuff.

Moreover, it’s an easy task when we are rushing to the work in summer seasons. Dogs have too much thirst for watery fruits, so in summer season they will readily as well as safely eat cucumbers.

One more fact about cucumbers is it’s safe for diabetic dogs and arthritic legs. If you’re trying to make the doggie healthy and fit, you can add this to his regular diet up to 10% of prescribed calories.

This supplement can pay you the best fitness results of doggie too!

How should you serve the doggie with cucumbers?

Cucumbers are best human foods which dogs also eat safely. The cucumber you feed need not to be seedless or cooked.

You may just slice up the cylindrical cucumber and then feed the doggie. I warn you not more than half of the cucumber to doggies. As the cucumber is a juicy fruit, it paves the way for loose stool production.

If you’re interested in cooking the cucumber, then just steam it and serve the doggie. But be conscious that you shouldn’t add onions, butter and other spices to prove you as a delicious cook for doggies diet. Just slice it up and serve in the snack time.

Perfect supplementary treat in summer training:

Doggies are too hot and have the ambient body temperature higher than human beings. But they are prone to dehydration of skin and gastrointestinal tract.

Hence serving the doggies with juicy fruits like cucumber, Cantaloupeoranges particularly in summer could relieve them from dehydration.

Also, an excess of heat generation in the doggies make them hypothermia and even to death. So as a pet parent it’s our duty to maintain their ambient body temperature in summer or winter seasons with proper dieting habits.

I would often slice up the cucumber and use it as a training treat. Now you have the satisfaction that my dogs can eat cucumbers.

But if dogs eat the cucumbers, what are the return benefits? Let’s dig it out from the earth!

Return of investment on cucumbers:

We will pay at least $2 to buy cucumbers, but the return of investment on this veggie to our dog is huge.

The doggies would be relieved from dehydration stresses, arthritic discomforts, obesity if you feed raw sliced up cucumbers.

In addition to these medication reliefs, the cucumber provides

Only 16 cals from 100g

3.6g of carbohydrate

3% of magnesium

2g of sodium

147mg of organic potassium

1% of calcium

0.5g of dietary fiber

0% cholesterol

Enough of these ROI payments by cucumbers! Sure you and the doggie would enjoy the fitness programs with the delicious juicy cucumbers.

Pop out for a fitness program in the backyard!

Sure, you also would get slimmer and fit as like me after this summer. Cucumber can make you as well as doggie healthy and fit. Pop out with slim doggy for leash walking session and gloom the world!


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