Dogbabe 2017 Scholarship Contest

Terms and Conditions for scholarship contest

No payment or funds required for participating in the scholarship contest of

Eligibility: As mentioned in the contest, the participant must be pursuing high school senior level or must be in college. If you are below the mentioned levels of GPA in high school or college, then your participation is liable to be canceled from the contest by Dogbabe. If you are pursuing high school senior level, then you must possess GPA above 3.0 and college students must have GPA above 2.0. You must reside in the United States to participate in the essay contest providing a scholarship of $1000.

Contest span: The Contest span is from 31-03-2017 to 30-11-2017. The period of contest begins from

Start time: 12.00am Pacific Standard Time on March,31,2017,

End Time: 12.00pm Pacific Standard Time on November, 30,2017.

Participation procedures: To participate in the scholarship contest, follow these instructions in the contest on the mentioned above span.

  • Write a truly inspiring story of your life with the theme of “How does your dog influence your life?” in 400-500 words.
  • Attach your answer in Google Doc with the details in the Google form.
  • Fill the Google form and attach the essay in the link given below.

We limit the entry of filling Google forms for scholarship as one entry per person. The essays with exceeding word count, script, automated content would be disqualified. All the essays become our property as you send for the scholarship contest. The submission of essays does not provide you the proof of receipt. We accept essays only in English, no other languages are  accepted for the contest.

Your essay must comply with these rules and regulations.

You must not violate any of the terms and conditions on scholarship contest. The terms and conditions include copyright, patent, trademark, publicity, secret, confidential, privacy, plagiarism, property right, and any other intellectual rights.

Your inspirational story must be true and original work of authorship with 0% plagiarism. It must not have been submitted for any other contests, promotion or any programs in before the Dogbabe scholarship contest. Any plagiarism in the essay would be considered as a violation of terms and conditions, also would not be eligible for winning the contest.

You must never use or specify other person life story or relationship with dogs. The essay must be purely written by you as well as your life story.

You must not include any products, content, material which emphasizes on unsafe behavior, circumstances, promotion of any products, person, organization, obscenity, defamation, or any other irrelevant content which does not support your story related to the dog. The irrelevancy will be determined by the panel of judges who are the deciding authority of scholarship contest.

The judge’s panel are liable to disqualify the essay or participation of scholarship contest on determining the violation of rules, terms, and conditions of the scholarship contest.

Use of your submission to the sponsor: By attaching the submission in Google Form, you accept the terms and reuse of essay to the The submission also accepts the reuse license and no restrictions right to promote or publish the inspiring stories on their blogs or other blogs relating to the niche.

The content can be published worldwide, with rights to publish, display, copy, rewrite, distribute, sublicense, advertise, edit, modify, derivatives with no violation of copyrights law.

As a person submitting the essay, you solely agree to reuse the story on the websites, blog, web pages of other third party links, other e-publications for advertising and promotional activities of the blog with the complete copyrights for the essay to the sponsor of thecontest.

Prize money: Odds of winning the scholarship: Only one prize will be awarded to the best inspirational story with the complete package. Prize money will be sent to the mail of winner specified in Google form of our scholarship contest. The total prize and scholarship awarded by the sponsor is $1000 and can be won by only one youth who follows every terms and condition of scholarship contest.

While the winner of the scholarship contest is minor, the prize money will be sent to the parent or guardian taking care of the child, youth under Minors act or applicable legislative regulations. The prize will not be substituted, transferred, exchanged to any other person who is specified by the youth without any custodian. The federal, state, local…contests are purely responsible by participants and winner.

The costs related to the participation, winning the prize money is solely responsible for the winner. The prize money received by the winner of the contest depends on revising all the terms and conditions like GPA, some entries in Google form. The sponsor of the scholarship contest will request for IRS form 1099 to the winner of the contest for tax reporting purposes.

Winner Announcement: All the participants will be reviewed and revised by Sponsor, judges. Judges are the final authority who determines the winner based on following stuff.

50% of true inspirational story,

30% of relationship bonding,

15% quality of the article,

5% of writing style.

The scholarship contest winner will be elected based on the judges and sponsors panel on or by December, 31, 2017. The judge’s panel decisions are final, and sponsors abide by that.

Notification of Winner: The scholarship contest winner will be notified via the email address specified in the Google form used to submit the essay for the contest. If the winner does not respond to the sponsor’s mail for the period, then the next high scoring inspirational story would be set as the winner. The sponsor of the scholarship contest will not be liable to the unattended notification, intercepted, lost or not received by the winner due to technical glitches on the winner’s mail address.

In the case of dispute, the regarding participation would be revised by the sponsors and panel of judges from which the essay was submitted. The winner must produce the required documents and proof of holding the authorized mail address from which the essay was submitted. If the chaos of proof for submitting the essay arises and it is not cleared by winner, then it is liable to be canceled.

If there is a tie between two or three participants of scholarship, then the selection would be based on category 1, category 2 scores and respectively. When the winner is of minor age group, then the parents or custodian would be responsible for filling the publicity release, affidavit of eligibility, liability waiver which must be filled and sent to the sponsor within 10 working days from receiving notification mail.

If the custodian fails to sign the publicity release, affidavit eligibility, liability waiver,then the winner may be disqualified by the terms and conditions. This may lead to the alternative winner of the scholarship contest.

Liability Waiver: Warranty Disclaimer- The participants are liable to accept the terms and conditions while they fill the form with their details, submitting an essay, no claims against sponsor, it’s parent concern and subsidiaries, each of the respective members, staff, panel of judges, employees, agents, license, representatives. For any damage, loss or injury that occur during the participation, contest span, or from the receiving prize money, scholarship, the sponsor is not responsible.

The sponsor of scholarship contest does not make warranties, guarantees, implying or express the views on winner before the final decision of judging panel.  We do not extend the contest span or period for any reasons of the participant and the content received after specified contest span will not be taken into consideration. Participants, winner, must be responsible for the damages, loss or injury during the contest span or use of scholarship cheque is purely responsible by the participants, venue, arbitration and will have no rights to claim any laws on or against sponsors.

Sponsors are not responsible for lost, misdirected, late submissions of essays or participation in the contest and it would be completely considered as the void entry of the participant. The scholarship sponsor is not responsive for the technical glitches in your computer, phone, telephone, network, email address, satellite, internet hardware, software malfunctions, connection lost, availability, disrupted transmissions, incomplete entry, service provider, traffic congestion of site, unauthorised human intervention, incorrect or inappropriate entry of the participants.

Communications: Use of the name, likeness and educational information: By participating in the contest, they are liable to accept the promotional emails from the Sponsor or third parties as directed by them. The winner must accept the use of name, likeness, biographical information, inspirational story, city, the state of residence on the website, blogs and other details specified in the Google form of a contest in the worldwide sites, blogs, advertising, publications, media without any compensations or claims by the sponsor.

Sponsor will not misuse the details specified but may modify the inspirational story, content or material for the privacy policies of participant and winner which can be done without any compensation or claims on the concern. You must also agree to the fact that sponsor may revise your identity, educational institution and details, and can claim any educational rights which you have specified in the participation form.

The venue, Arbitration, Governing Laws of scholarship contest: The scholarship contest subjects to the federal, state and local regulations, laws of the government. The contest is run by the laws of Washington which govern the whole set of terms and conditions without any choice on laws of principles. The dispute regarding contest would be subject to arbitration in Seattle, Washington which abides by the American Association of Arbitration.

Participants of the contest are liable to abide by the laws of the contest which were framed by the government and juries have the right to a trial on relating to the contest. Participants may object on demanding the venue in Seattle, Washington, based on lack of jurisdiction, improper place of contest, span, forum and like.

General terms: The scholarship sponsor reserves the right to revise or disqualify the participants who do not abide by the official terms and conditions of the contest which is determined by the jury members. If the scholarship contest is under dispute or impaired by a virus, unauthorized human intervention, tampering, technical glitches or any other chaos beyond our control which corrupts, hacks, security, or fairness of the process.

The Sponsor reserves sole rights to discard the contest, suspend, modify or terminate the contest due to the chaos of technical glitches. If the scholarship contest is terminated before the contest span, the sponsor has the right to announce the prize winner based on the results received so far. The unenforceability or invalid content of the official rules will be disqualified. The official terms and conditions will not be changed in the contest span.

Sponsor: Any queries must be only sent through email. No physical address is permitted. You can ask your queries at

FTC Disclosure Rules: The participant, as well as winner of the scholarship contest, must stand by the FTC online endorsement terms and conditions.  Participants must also accept the online reviews, comments, republishing rights regarding the submitted story of their own, sponsor or its reviews.