Oh! God! It’s too boring!!

This is not only the voice of human beings but also the voice of our great four-legged companions.

We pet parents will spend most of the time with our pets when we are at home. But, just think of when we are planning for out of station trips, office or something else. Other members of our family can take care of their diet, but not their play sessions, entertainment like us.

DIY dog toys

In a family, there is no need that every member should be fond of dogs; some may even be dog allergic. So, whenever we leave our dog due to some reasons, they feel bored.

Why not give them some interesting play toys with the things around the home? Yes, you need to spend dollars, just a creative thinking and time is enough to vanish the boredom of your cute dog.

Here are the interesting DIY dog toys which will trigger your dog’s activity, smartness and destroys the boredom. It may also test the craft skills of you folks!!

Here we go for play sessions!!

1.Rope tug as chewing toy

Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers -1

Poochie Person Play Toy for Dogs - 2

Dogs are heavy chewers. They love to chew a lot as we love bubble gums. You can get ready with DIY rope tugs and then spray it with some apple or fruit flavors to make them a chew toy!

2. Stuffed dog pillow toy

Stuffed Dog Toy - 3

If your dog loves to sleep a lot and play with a pillow, then here is the colorful pillow toy for your canine babe. Just take the scrap t-shirts from your home and then stitch it around. Join scrap pieces into the center pillow and give it to your canine babe.

Have a sound sleep!

3. Sweet Potatoes rope chew toy

Sweet Potatoes rope chew toy - 4

Slice the pieces of sweet potatoes and take up the center part. Tug the ropes into the center part of sweet potatoes after drying it.

Your dog will have a tasty chew toy, and it can also play with it!

4. T-shirt dog tug toy

Dog Toy From t-shirt - 5

Cut the t-shirts and the place a ball inside it. Tug the t-shirt and then toss the ball tug toy for a play session!

5. Scrap Jean tug toy

Scrape Jean tug toy-6

All may have jean scraps in our home. Take that tug it and give them to your canine friend to deteriorate their boredomsmile

6. Spinner treat toy

Spinner treat toy - 7

You can make an excellent spinner treat toy for your canine friend with empty bottles and kibble treats. Just place the two poles and middle pole to join them with bottles. Place the treats inside bottles and let your canine friend spin it and get the treats!!

7. Paper treat toy

boredom buster - 8

Roll the papers and place it in the bowl. Fill the bowl with treats. Let the canine buddies find the treats inside the rolls of paper!

8. Tennis treat puzzle toy

Tennis treat puzzle toy - 9

Place the tennis ball or some balls inside the puzzle plate. Hide the treats, kibbles inside only some of the pits in the plate.

Your canine buddy will improve his smartness!

9. Water Bottle puppet

Water Bottle puppet - 10

Take the scrap socks from your home and insert some plastic bottles inside it. Your canine will find a toy to play within his boredom.

10. PVC Treat puzzle

PVC Treat puzzle - 11

Just collect the PVC scraps from your home and then make holes inside it.

You will also need the sockets to close them. Fill your canine buddy’s favourite treats inside them and close the socket.

Let your canine babe roll the PVC pipes and find treats for them!

Enjoy the crafts and vanish your canine buddy’s boredom!

Never forget to share your best moments with canine buddies in the comments page below!

Image Credits:

www. instructables.com



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